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HEMA - Historical European Martial Arts in the Ham!


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I figured some of my fellow nerds might be interested in this!  I'm going to take the Longsword intro class at Kulshan HEMA which meets downtown, and learn how to fight with a longsword according to actual historical documents, and how to put it into practice in sparring. If anyone wants to check it out, the first class is free, and the guys running it are super nice.




Anyone else wanna swing blades?



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I don't need to learn any new weapons, but if you're down there on Thursday nights for open fencing, I'll see you there! I second the fact that the guys are really nice. Very friendly, and it looks cool as all-get-out.


Yeah, awesome! I'll be down Mondays starting next week, and probably most Thursdays for open fencing.  


It's pretty cool the similarities between medieval Italian longsword and other martial arts, like Phillipino knife fighting.  Makes me happy that there is a practical basis underlying it, and it's not total fantasy. 

It also make me feel a little bit like I'm LARPing, but don't tell anyone.

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