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H: IG/AM Plastic 40k vehicles W: Cash, GW Metals


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Got these as a sort of a bonus in a large ebay lot. Models are very well assembled by someone with far more patience than I. Barrels are drilled out, lots of sanding, and clearly lots of love went into these models. Models are entirely unpainted (like I said, more patient than I), save for the sentinels which have very thin paint (can't quite tell if they are stripped, or if the guy was painting the starts of a worn look, since they were part of a Tallarn Lot).


Basically, I thought I should post these to see if others want them, before I give into my desire to convert them into other models....Kinda sad to destroy what someone else clearly spent lots of time and effort in. Mainly, looking to get these guys a home where they'll be loved.


($10 each) 3x IG/AM Sentinels (Open-topped, Multi-laser and HK missile)






($20 each) 2x Leman Russ Battle Tanks (Both Heavy Bolter Sponsons and Hull, Each has a Heavy Stubber)

($25) 1x Leman Russ Demolisher (Heavy Stubber, Metal Demolisher turret and Plasma sponsons)

($20) 1x Basilisk (Hunter Killer Missile, I do have the ladder loose in bits if that's desired)




Total for everything is $115 (7 vehicles). I'd go down to $80 (That's $35 off) if someone is buying everything. If you want pool money with other people, that's fine too for the reduced price, so long as it's easy on my end.


Ideally looking for cash. I could entertain trade offers, but nothing I'm actively looking for at the moment. I will want more in trade that I would in cash. I'd prefer not to ship, but I can, if it's unavoidable. I'm in the Portland area (hillsboro, but right by the MAX).

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$80 for all of that is a steal! Nice to see a good deal! Someone should snap your fingers off for all of those! :)

It's a fair price and what I would expect to pay for a non-splurge 40k purchase (as in, a purchase made by someone that is patient enough to wait for a fair price). As the seller, it just means that I'm too impatient to wait for someone willing to pay more...

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