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2017 OFCC - 40K FAQ


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Thank you for your interest in the 40K event for this year's OFCC


I will be the Head of Gaming for the 40K event this year, and I am excited to share everything I can with you.


This FAQ is designed to outline and clarify details surrounding the event, and expand on the planned changes this year. This is a living document and will be updated regularly as questions are asked and answered.


This thread will be pinned and locked, but there will be a parallel discussion thread to this document. That thread will be the place to discuss the FAQ contents and to ask additional questions.


The discussion thread can be found at: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?/topic/29854-ofcc-40k-faq-discussion-thread/


New content will be added to this document in black text, questions will be in bold, and updates to existing content will be colored red.


Please Note: It will take several days to get through the initial batch of questions, and that process will be delayed due to the Las Vegas Open. :)



2017 OFCC 40K FAQ


What is the points level for this event?

This event will be played at 2,000 points


Is the 40K event a team event or an individual event?

The 40K event is still very much a team event. Teams are encouraged and will be recognized in a series of categories. This is the first time in many years that teams will not be required for participation.


Why the change from mandatory teams?

There are two factors that drove this decision, making the event more accessible to people looking to participate and providing flexibility to returning players.


Our event and what we do is pretty unique compared to many other organized gaming events, and I believe that drives the passion and interest of our player community. As they share that passion with friends and other members of their community, it is frequently tempered with the difficulty of how to get started. Finding or building a team for participation can be an impossible barrier for people looking to play. By removing this barrier, we are not looking to change what makes us special but to allow new players a better chance of experiencing it for themselves. 


Over the 10 years or so that I have been part of Ordo's leadership team, I have lost count of the number of teams who have come and gone from our events. I think this is a normal process as interests and situations change for members of our community. Sometimes the process of change happens quickly and may only impact part of a team. This many times leaves interested players or partial teams scrambling for a solution. When that solution does not come, they have few choices. Ordo wants to provide our players the stability to make their arrangements without tethering their fate to every other person on their team.


How will game match up works?

Instead of pairing team to team, we will be pairing player to player. This change is to accommodate the adjustment to the team policy and to provide additional flexibility to list building. The previous process of Captain's setting up matches was always a mixed bag. It was loved, hated, or simply seen as a task that came with running a team. I am sorry for the folks that will miss this activity, but I hope making it easier for your friends and club members to get involved is some consolation.


Are there list building restrictions?

Yes, but there will be very few restrictions. This flexibility is meant to provide players a certain level of freedom in creating a fun and exciting force to play. It is not designed to encourage power gaming or to assemble an unstoppable force to wreck all opponents. There are two processes that will be in place to discourage that behavior.


The first will be how matches are established. Players with similarly powered armies would play each other and their future opponents would be determined through performance.


Second, one of the sportsmanship metrics will be directly tied to the durability of your army. It is rarely fun to face an impossible foe and highly defensive strategies lead to boring games. We are looking to reward risk and acknowledge the excitement of an action filled game. Because this is a dice game, chance will always impact the outcome. The hope is the this will balance over the weekend, and if it does not please remember that they sell alcohol at the bar.


Is there a list rating process?

Yes, but it would be more accurate to call it a stack ranking rather than a rating. The list rating process over the years has landed somewhere between highly subjective and grossly inaccurate. This year we will simply arranging lists by power and using that to determine initial matches. This will allow players to gravitate toward similarly powered lists. Since future games are determined by performance, the matching accuracy should start to compensate game-by-game for other factors like player skill. Our hope is that your later matches are the closest, and it allows you to finish your OFCC experience on a high note.


Will you have to play a member of your own team?

No, and we will have a process in place to avoid (as best we can) inter-club match-ups as well. One of the joys of coming to OFCC is playing people outside of your club.


Will you have to play the same person twice?



Will I get to play next to members of my team?

Yes, but not for every match. In order to make player vs. player match-ups work and to allow teams to play next to each other, I built a system to accommodate. The way it will work is that all teams will be broken up into two groups. I will refer to these groups as "Dawn of War" and "Night Fight" because I am a nerd. All player matches will be group vs. group, and the groups will take turns with home field advantage. The Dawn of War teams will be grouped together in the first game each day, and the Night Fight teams will be grouped together in the last game each day. The middle game on Saturday will not provide home field advantage to any team. There will team achievements for performance in both home and away matches.


.....more to come

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