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Confirmation Pathfinder Project


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Pathfinder RPG project. I'm making a terrain and model set to GM the Confirmation Scenario for PFS play. My plan is to make my own "battle mats" with terrain colored fabrics from Jo-anns (cotton-based) and my sewing machine (which I rarely use). Then "somehow" put a  grid on that, since pathfinder measures everything in Squares (usually 1" squares, but consistency is more important than a specific size of square). And then have 40k-style terrain that rests on the cloth, to create a 3-d effect. 


Ideally, the finished product would allow myself, and any other GM, to run the Confirmation Scenario for PFS with very little effort, since all the terrain and models required will be stored in a neat box. 


Goal with the cloth terrain "mats" is too keep things cheap and easy to transport, given that I decided against modular terrain. Plus the Confirmation Scenario for PFS play is one that can be re-played over and over, so modular terrain is less practical in this respect. Other GMs use printed posters, but I lack a printer and I think the cloth approach would look better. 


For now, looking for suggestions on putting a "grid" on a piece of cloth. My present plan is just marker and a ruler, so if someone has a better plan (probably is one out there), I'm interested. 


Pictures and updates to follow. 

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I bet if you ask one of the nice folks at Jo-Anne for fabric with a 1 inch-ish grid they'll have it.

If there's a white one you could dye the different sections the colors you want. Rit dye, watered down in a spray bottle would probably work.

Just spitballing.

I hadn't considered the dye approach.


I did come up with an interesting idea. I could make the cloth as I described. Then get a clear plastic "board" and marker (or paint) in the lines. Then we set the cloth under the plastic board, and the grid is now on the cloth. I'd then put the 3d terrain features on top of the plastic board. Seems like that could work. Just need to figure out where to get a clear plastic board (Home Depot?). I'm thinking it would need to be clear and maybe 1/8th inch thick, just for durability, less if it's flexible.


I also picked up a set of Citidael Woods. That is a great kit. With very low effort, I'll have some decent look trees. One of the many weak points to those pathfinder maps that the players print up is that trees never look right. I think even just with the 3 trees in that set, I'll have enough to make this Scenario feel right.


I will need to make a log, for crossing a stream with, as it's part of one encounter. 


I've started painting the Minotaur and some Wolves (chaos warhounds....). I think I determined that with very minimal encounter results, I just need 3 wolves, a minotaur, a pit-trap, a Gelatinous Cube, a naked hermit, 3 skeletons, and a well equipped halfling adventurer. I do plan to make every encounter option, but I'd like to make it playable ASAP. 


I'm also thinking that I want to have "Question Mark" symbol on a base, for each creature, so that if the party can't ID them, they don't get hints about what they are facing because my models are too accurate. 

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