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  1. Finally got the banner done for the first unit, so it's done now: Next unit is in progress, two weapon warriors. Choppity chop!
  2. Until the rules for all this stuff is in hand there is no point discussing it. Forming opinions before all the facts are in is foolish. Y'all are proving it...
  3. As someone who lived through the massive change that was 2nd edition to 3rd edition, I can say this is a welcome change. I'm seeing the character of those old weapons (more differentiation) with the slick gameplay inspired by AoS. Don't be afraid of math.
  4. I got paint on. Primed black with some simple flat black spray paint, I airbrushed white (very thinly) to give broad highlights, then spot shot green on specific areas like the ruins and broad flat areas to add some interest. I then airbrushed some brown in the shadows. I over saturated colors a bit as I'll lose quite some when I apply the snow. I'll drybrush next then apply a wash.
  5. Hide the honey!
  6. To go along with my Chaos Warriors, I'm building a matching table. I picked up an Arctic FATMAT and have started building terrain to match. In addition to the usual slate rock chips and such I've added element from Secret Weapon bases to give the pieces and ruined temple vibe. Here's my concept piece: I'm not too happy with it. I had originally put patches of baking soda snow on along with the frost, but it really looked like crap. Rather than scrap the piece I flocked over the patches and added more snow. It's better but not what I want overall. Here's the second piece: Foundation work is done. I hotglued down the large slate chips and the bases, painted on wood glue and added the smaller chips and the sand. After letting it cure overnight a painted watered down glue over those same parts to seal it all in. I'll paint it up next, getting the priming, airbrushing and drybrushing done before adding the flocking.
  7. Bigmar=Sigmarines It does make me think about how cross compatible the kits are... Sigmar bodies with NuMarine arms and heads could make for some cool looking Blood Angels
  8. Seen on another forum: 40K: Age of Bigmar Worth a chuckle.
  9. I'm in for Vancouver action
  10. I have twenty Mk IV marines I'll trade for MkIIIs...
  11. Morkanoughts now much mo betta.
  12. Slaanesh here. Stormcast in the pipeline. Classic orcs in a pinch
  13. Those are only 3 detachments...
  14. I love their stuff, from their FB page
  15. Mods please pin this thread.