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  1. fingolfen

    TanksGiving 2018

    Any chance of moving this forward or back a week? I'm booked on the 1st, but have the other two weekends free.
  2. fingolfen

    TANKS-giving 2018 heads up

    Will do!
  3. fingolfen

    TANKS-giving 2018 heads up

    I am keen to bring a force and some table coolness... but I'm booked the 1st... how flexible / tentative is the date?
  4. Updated the list - this is all almost gone at this point folks!
  5. Updated with what's sold so far - not much left, but some of it is some fairly nice genuine Forgeworld!
  6. Hopefully they've improved the decals - the original run of DDR decals was unusable.
  7. fingolfen

    Requesting new missions for FoW and TY

    I'm happy to help - have done it before for the Pacific releases.
  8. fingolfen

    Dogs-of-War 2019 - Flames of War Tournament

    Ahhhh!!!! Where's the announcement / details for Tanksgiving for this year?
  9. fingolfen

    Dogs-of-War 2019 - Flames of War Tournament

    Bummer - I'm running Iron Cross but not NA at this point... 😞
  10. Mostly Flames of War and Team Yankee (and associated products), but there is the occasional 40K and other stuff there as well... check it out! https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/
  11. Updated list - more items have sold
  12. fingolfen

    Tanksgiving Event Nov 12, 2016

    I think this was from a couple of years ago... would love to see a tournament this year though...
  13. Update: Will also consider trades for Genestealer cult items: Aberrants, Goliath trucks, neophyte hybrid squads with heavy weapons, and/or hybrid metamorphs. Will also consider trades for Death Korps of Krieg infantry or vehicles (esp. Mars Alpha pattern Russ hulls)
  14. fingolfen

    24. Panzer-division Progress

    Thanks! I'm planning on doing a separate force for Kursk that will be in the late war scheme. This was one of my few chances to do an overall panzer gray scheme so I'm jumping on it. 😄
  15. fingolfen

    24. Panzer-division Progress

    Making progress on my 24. Panzer-division force... Full details on the blog: Commence teaser! One of the Panzer IV's is now in the detailing and final painting stage - but I'm waiting on some more decals: I've also been adding stowage boxes to the back of the Panzer III's "as seen on" the real thing I've been using my high tech tools to help hold the turrets while I get the basecoats done: