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  1. I would definitely play in a doubles event. The goal will once again, have it be Team D 1 vs Team D 2 in the finals!
  2. Don, Team Ordo East has got your back, trust me. I think they're looking for a guy. I'll talk to the team captain, they're a great group of guys from Ohio. Who knows, maybe we'll face each other!
  3. Team Diversity is returning, of course!
  4. So for the remaining week of Kill Team, we're doing 200 points, with commanders. Then we'll be playing a few weeks of 40k along side Infinity. we're taking it light, but it should be fun!
  5. So, at this point, It looks like we might be bringing Team D, as well as two or maybe THREE more Ohio teams to OFCC. Our unrelenting lobbying and bullying is paying off!
  6. Thanks everyone for turning out for a great event. Everyone had fun, we had a good showing for such a small town, and the missions went down well.... with the exception that almost everyone forgot that frostbyte was limited insertion. OH well, watching a final round with everyone making a list in ten mins was certainly interesting to watch!
  7. Infinity Soldiers of Fortune Tournament When: 10-27-19 12:00 pm until 7:00 pm Where: Phoenix Nest Games What: Three-round Season 10 Infinity Escalation Tournament using the Soldiers of Fortune alternate rules. SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE This Extra allows players to include Mercenary Troops in their Army List. • Players must respect the Availability within the Troop Profile, ignoring the limitations established by the Army or Sectorial. • Each player can include up to 75 points of Mercenary Troops in their Army List. • The Mercenary Troops can be different for each of the two player Army Lists. • Fielding mercenaries in this way costs 1 SWC in that Army List. • The use of this Extra does not allow duplication of Characters. NOTE: Proxies are allowed within reason for mercenary models that the player does not own, but must be approximations. Run any questionable proxies by the Tournament Organizer. Each player will develop two lists for each round, and choose from them once finding out the faction identity of their opponent. Round 1 100 points: Biotech Vore Round 2 200 points: Deadly Dance Round 3 300 points: Frostbyte
  8. Check out the pinned message at the top for the rules of the league!
  9. Alright folks, here are the rules. First off, I want to have some prizes for the league itself this time, so if you can, please pay $5 for entry into the league. If you cannot afford it, that's fine, the prizes will be coming out of my pocket, so I just want to recoup some of the costs. The league starts at 100 points, and goes up by 50 points per week until the league finishes with a tournament. The tournament itself will be an escalation tournament, first round is 100 points, second round is 200 points, and third round is 300 points. In the tournament, the Soldiers of Fortune rule will be in effect, so everyone may spend 1 SWC and take 75 points worth of mercenary models. For the first week of the league, you will play 100 points. The limitations are as follows: No Total Reaction or Neurocinetics, only one Warband model, no fire teams. During the league you will be required to stay within the same general faction (ie. N2, PanO, etc) but you may change sectorials. You will be rewarded with points for having anew model painted each week. Everyone is required to play two games a week, and makeup games are allowed. If you can't make it, or fall behind, that's fine, just do your best! The reward for top three league participants will be revealed later
  10. Lol alright folks. Looks like we got a few new peeps too. Rick and Anthony are in too.
  11. Alright chitlins, who's in for a six week ESC league starting perhaps this Saturday, and ending in six weeks? Hmmmm? Followed by a cool tourny with some of the new season 10 rules? HMMMM? Sound off!
  12. We're all here. and i'm about to drop a freakin' bomb baby!
  13. You just give us too much credit Pax. You always have. XD
  14. Great points all around. I love the discussion. The event is amazing. Hell, I travel across the damn country to play these games and enjoy myself. Scoring or not, best general or not, list rating or not, it's all good. The point is the atmosphere. The point is the pints. The point is the smiles and the laughs. The point is playing five games of 40k that are unlike any 5 games of 40k that you can get ANYWHERE else. If you don't want to show up cuz for whatever reason, because scoring upsets you, or you want to bring a power list and that's out of the spirit of OFCC, then please, DON'T show up. That's why it's a club even, that's why people can be asked not to return. People that show up with the wrong attitude, are WORSE than those people not showing up at all. Thank you for all your hard work Evil_Bryan, keep it up, this was a fantastic event. The paining I felt was much more fair this year. Team D has never been amazing painters, but now we didnt get bottom scores again, and we actually TRIED to paint well. We're not artists, but we were recognized for our efforts, and what we did, instead of being told "you're not Chappy, get out" (no shade being thrown at Chappy, quite the opposite, the man is a wizard with a paintbrush). I was 100% satisfied with the event. On the topic of stuff like all knight lists, and extreme teams. Knights are fine. They just take certain tools to kill. If no one on your team has those tools, it means an automatic bad matchup. Same with skewed team comps. Taking all of one thing will almost guarantee at least one bad match-up each round. Bringing a variety of TYPES of lists, with different strengths and weaknesses is the way to go. Team Diversity's rule is that we always bring four different factions each year, never double up. It ensures that we almost always have a good match-up for every player (almost, nothing's foolproof). Again, thanks for the great discussions, and Lord H, keep being an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, shrouded in a waffle my dude. 🙂
  15. So are a lot of things. EVERYTHING has a codex or index, and most of them have stratagems, and yet some things and combinations are still considered "inappropriate" for OFCC. These kind of responses are unhelpful and dismissive, try to keep them to a minimum.
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