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  1. Mach_5

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    I got those sleeved backing the Paladin kickstarter. Just have to wait until they release the new sizes, or I think I heard they are going back to kickstarter in the near future. The sizes you're looking for are called "Mordred" and "Morholt", one pack of each is plenty.
  2. Mach_5

    Merry Xmas Rasputina. YES!! NIGHTMARE BOX

    Alt raspy box now has raspy and a Christmas tree (ice golem) both in resin instead of plastic. Same price if you buy during their black Friday sale, otherwise price is going up over $100 in future! http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/133083-winter-wonderland-issue/#
  3. Mach_5

    The Inhumans

    Agreed. Gifted has been slightly more amusing (I like seeing vampire Bill again, and the guy from Incorporated), but so far it's feeling a bit like a rehash of Heroes (save the cheerleader, save the world).
  4. Mach_5

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Done and done. 😊
  5. Mach_5

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Meh, 1.0 had a what, 3 year delay? A few months is really NBD, and I've had plenty of way smaller kickstarters delayed far more. We'll get 1.5 when he's satisfied it's perfect and that's totally fine by me. :)
  6. Mach_5

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Recently finished our first full play through of the game (mostly core box with a few small expansions like flower knight). Got our butts kicked by the Watcher, fight was not even close. Feel like we have a better grasp of the game now and what buy and not to buy with our resources. Just started another play through, this time using the People of the Stars/Dragon King expansion campaign. Off to a good start!
  7. Mach_5

    Malifaux event!

    It's all in the timing... Need maybe a week of decent weather... wish me luck!
  8. Mach_5

    Malifaux event!

    Don't think I'll make it as my house probably won't have a roof on it around then. Have fun!
  9. Mach_5

    Nightmare Hamelin at Gen Con this year!

    Crazy cat lady crew? I'm in.
  10. Mach_5

    New to Town

    Glad you approve, I think it was (rightly) hard for many to justify the cost for a one-day gg + small events the second day, unfortunately we have to pay for the space for both days regardless so might as well go big and leave the fun side events for Saturday night. Still I think it's good value for the cost, two lunches included (you wouldn't spend less than $15/meal at the venue, probably more), and Canadian dollars to boot!
  11. Mach_5

    New to Town

    Yep, Wet Coast GT is coming up in actual Canada, July 8-9. I'll be running a two-day gaining grounds tournament there. http://www.wetcoastgt.com
  12. I used to go for full coverage, for example making every bit of the model solid white with white primer. Sometimes took two coats. Apparently that's wrong. It's an excessive use of the paint, and there's a good chance it's filling in fine details on the model.
  13. Each workshop is two days, I think around 8h/day with a lunch break. You bring your own paints (and airbrush/compressor for the airbrush course). He's supplying the model you work on (so everyone has the same model). The painting class will likely be an 28mm-scale ogre or similar. The airbrushing class will be painting a bust. Based on my experience at his previous painting masterclass, he walks you through the entire process of painting the miniature from priming (yeah I was doing that wrong myself) to base coats and seamless blending, shading/highlighting metallics, eyes, skin tones, colour theory, etc. You get time to watch him demonstrate the techniques and more time to practice yourself on your own model (included in cost of the class). So much info crammed into two days I know I could pick up more if I took the painting masterclass again, I just wanted to kickstart my airbrush abilities beyond simple priming and base coats this time around.
  14. No guarantees there will be more... I think this is the third set of classes he's done for us in 6 or 8 years. Might have luck with other artists down south though, I've seen a few pop up in Portland now and again.
  15. Mathieu Fontaine is holding two, 2-day painting courses in Vancouver BC this June, one for advanced brush painting and the other for airbrushing. Masterclass Painting is CDN$180 and the Airbrush class is CDN$260. I took a painting masterclass with him a few years back and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their painting skill. I'll be taking the Airbrush class myself this time around. Might be a bit of a trek for a lot of you, but Canadian dollars are cheap! If you're looking for a place to crash I can probably accommodate you.