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  1. Finished project for Bro in law Bday

    Nice! Such a great model. Beautiful job with the flame effect.
  2. Warhamsters 9/19 Game Night

    Playtesting is for me.
  3. Warhamsters 9/12 - Game Night!

    I think I'm gonna go to Naked Lady Drawing from 7-9:30, so I'd love to get a playtest session in at 6.
  4. Ordo Fanaticus September Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Hoping these big boys count for 3 x larger models! I will pain these 2 x Azra'il and this Ahl Fassed in September. Little guy included for scale! Image on Google Drive
  5. Warhamsters 8/29 IN SPACE

    Aw shizzle, Weedeater and Telekenitic Yeti are playing @ shakedown tonight. Anyone going after games? Show starts at 9.
  6. Warhamsters 8/29 IN SPACE

    I'm likely out, as I will be painting the deck. I should be down late though, and will bring either my painting projects if someone wants to chill and hobby, or some filler games.
  7. 8/15 Warhamster Game Night

    I forgot that I'm going camping tomorrow. See you next week, fellas!
  8. Sgt. Rock's Springfinity stories!

    So very, very true. The first generation of Aleph remotes, while awesome, were a freaking nightmare to assemble. I mean, separate shin guards...!?
  9. Scenario: Checkpoint Atari

    Amen, brother!
  10. Scenario: Checkpoint Atari

    Hey folks, I wanted to start building a library of custom scenarios for more personal playbook, and maybe for a Warhamsters Infinity event next year. This is the first one I've written up, and a playtest last night went pretty well, though we found a few bugs I think I've fixed now. Anyone want to offer a critique? Anyone want to run it and give an after action briefing? Thanks! Checkpoint Atari A corporate security unit has stolen sensitive information and is attempting to flee on the highways and disappear into the city. The defender has alerted transportation authorities, and set up checkpoints coded to detect and disable the CSU’s transportation. The defender seeks to caputre the spy and proof of support by a hostile power. The attacker must aid the CSU in breaking through the roadblock, and leave no trace of their interference. Special Rules CAPTURE: The CASEVAC skill may be used on enemy models. CHECKPOINT: Set up 4 security gates along the centerline of the table, 2 spaced 8” and 16” from the left side, 2 spaced 8” & 16” from the right side. These represent security checkpoints along highways. The CSU can only pass the centerline through a security gate, unless it dismounts the motorcycle. CIVILIAN VEHICLES: (optional) 4 civilian vehicles are set up, 1D20 inches from the attacker’s board edge, one in line with each security gate.. A the start of each Player Turn, civilian vehicles move 8” towards the defender’s board edge by the shortest route possible, and attempt to pass the centerline through the security gates. If this movement would cause them to hit a model, that model is allowed a dodge roll to avoid a D12, normal hit. Vehicles that exit the defender’s table edge will come on the attackers board edge in line with a random security gate in the following turn. Attacker and Defender Any player who kills the CSU immediately loses the game. Game Length: 3 turns Attacker 1 Point Breach the checkpoint - Open with Engineer, Lockpick Program, or Anti-Matierial at least one security gate, and have it unsecured at end of game. 3 Points Exfiltrate the CSU - The Attacker receives a CSU unit to add to their army list. The CSU unit does not start on the table. At the beginning of the attacker’s 2nd turn, they must place the CSU in contact with a board edge in their deployment zone. The CSU generates 1 irregular order, and does not take up a slot in the roster, though it must be placed in a group. The CSU is considered exfiltrated when it uses an order to exit a board edge in the defender’s deployment zone and is not in a null state at the conclusion of the order. 2 Points Leave No Trace - All models in the attacker’s army must either exit the board or be in a marker state (CH, IMP), and no attacking, unconscious models may be left on the table (they must be casevaced) Defender 3 Points Capture the CSU - The CSU is considered captured if at game end: it is an IMM state and in the ZOC of a defending model with no attacking models in it’s ZOC, or it is unconscious and in a CASEVAC state with a defending model, or has been CASEVACED off the board by the defender. 2 Points Capture an Enemy - CASEVAC an enemy model other than the CSU off a table edge in the defender’s deployment. 1 Point Secure the checkpoint - All checkpoints are in closed position or have a defending model in base contact with no enemy models in base contact. CSU (Motorcycle) Mov CC BS PH WP ARM BTS W S 8-6 14 12 10 12 0 3 1 4 CSU (Dismounted) Mov CC BS PH WP ARM BTS W S 4-4 14 12 10 12 0 3 1 2 Special Skills: MetaChemistry L1, Sixth Sense L1 Weapons: Pistol, Knife Equipment: Motorcycle SECURITY GATE ARM 3 BTS 3 STR 2 WIDTH: Cargo Hackable (WIP Roll) CIVILIAN VEHICLE ARM 3 BTS 0 STR 2 Hackable (WIP Roll)
  11. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Thanks for playing the mission, guys. Anyone want to try a new one next week? I would love to see this one played again as well. 2 infinity tables? Eh? Eh?
  12. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    300 points, you will need specialists, and anything that helps you interact with terrain elements (hackers, engineers, d-charges, anti-material weapons, etc., will be very useful. Also, non-lethal weapons may be helpful. And speed.
  13. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Anyone want to fight Joey in 300 points of Infinity mission special brew? Otherwise I'll have to play him. Which will be awesome, but less ideal for testing a new scenario. N
  14. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    I think I should make it out. I'm in a mission design mood. Would anyone with a little Infinity Experience be interested in playtesting a scenario? I would need 2 peeps, so I could just referee.
  15. OFCC: Infinity Feedback

    I also loved the room to move and lay things out. Big fan of space on both sides.