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  1. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    I have packed up my dorfs! I am going to try and get a game of Infinity in first, probably as early as 4 or 5, so looking to dwarf around 8 or so. Shouldn't take long for all my dudes to die.
  2. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    I have a new warband... but is anyone playing tomorrow? Would like to try and get a quick game in later in the eveing.
  3. Hey Hamsters, I have decided I have too many Infinity Factions. Especially with Invincible Army on the Horizon. I am getting out of Ariadna, and here's what I have. The painted stuff is the older models, except for the Devil Dog Team. Would like to get about $50 for the lot. From Operation Coldfront: Assembled, Bare Metal Tank Hunter Sniper Veteran Kazak T2 Rifle Scout with Shotgun Scout with Ojotnik, Painted Tank Hunter missile launcher conversion, partially painted The Antipode K9 with Trenchammer (K9 Only) SAS with Pistol and Knife, Painted Uxia with Shotgun Conversion, Painted William Wallace, partially painted Margot and Duroc, Painted Chasseur with Adhesive Launcher, Painted Para commando with Rifle, Painted Foxtrot with Light Grenade Launcher, Painted Foxtrot with Sniper Rifle, Painted Devil Dog Team with Heavy Pistol (Dog Soldier and K9) It's about 17 figs. If you're interested in taking a look, I can get pics or bring it to Game Night. Cheers!
  4. nathonicus

    Death Cab for Cutie / Odesza concert

    Sweet! Have they done big concerts at civic field before?
  5. nathonicus

    ISO Tentacle-style Drones

    Thanks, I’ll keep scrounging. 😞
  6. nathonicus

    The Rangers of Shadow Deep

    I bought the book also. It will give me a reason to organize and paint my DND minis, and scratch the fantasy RPG itch!
  7. nathonicus

    ISO Tentacle-style Drones

    Seeing @Wiccus get some paint on his old-school drones combined with the onset of 3rd Offensive made me realize 2 things: More people need to play combined army. Tentacle drones are way cool. Since I believe in "being the change you want to see", that means I need me some of them old-skool gribblies! Does anyone know of a shop with stock of the old Combined Drones, or have some for sale/trade? Thanks, y'all!
  8. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    I'm reworking my warband for round two. Helmets and maces for everyone. Slayers. No Gromril armor. Pauper dorfs!
  9. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    Only got a B+ in nimbly stepping over skulls.
  10. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    "Where can I find me some game 2 action in these here woods?"
  11. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    No, mostly dnd mins, a few gw ones in the planning. These are gonna see use as rpg minis,m after!
  12. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    I will do my best! Got the Dorfs out this morning, so I'll be trying to have them based, converted, and primered by Tuesday.
  13. nathonicus

    Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

    Thanks for the guide! Ok, now I HAVE to have my Dwarfs ready for next week. So let it be written, so let it be done!
  14. Nice! I think I should be able to make it. Probably bringing the Haqq attaqq. I don't have an ITS 10 deck, and we were having trouble finding one for me to order through DT last night - do you know if it's something you can get? Is there a store copy we can draw from if we don't have it yet? Thanks,