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  1. Bham Game Night 3/13

    yo Kevin does 8pm work for xwangs? I can be down ther like 8pm
  2. The Haunting of Hamster House 10/24

    What time does the destiny tourney start?
  3. Warhamsters 9/12 - Game Night!

    Thought I could make it down for some tnt, but unfortunately I'm out this week
  4. Warhamsters Assemble!! August 1st

    I'll bring some destiny along with some lookers to watch me some infinity
  5. No thread? No, thread! Warhamsters 7/18

    I'll be down later with destiny and infinity! Also, Kevin remember to bring the shaolin monk Also, Kevin I have all the new wu ming models if your interested in any of those for trade
  6. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 11th

    I'll be down around 745 with infinity and destiny
  7. 6/27 Bham - What wargame would a Warhamster want?

    ima bring 200pts yujing down a little after 7pm
  8. Warhamsters play date June 20th?

    You only crit me because im a ninja with a tacbow. Also Im down to infinty, ill bring 200pts around 7ish pm
  9. Bellingham Warhamsters play the games - 6/6 Edition

    I fight you, at maybe like 7pm
  10. I won't make it down for games today, but we should tots start up that campaign !
  11. Warhamsters May 2nd!

    I'll bring some infinity down just in case
  12. Warhamsters May 2nd!

    I'll be looking for a game of infinity if anyone is down
  13. Warhamsters! Play a game on March 21!

    Joey I'd be down for either some 200pts infinity, or 400pts armada
  14. Warhamster Game Night March 14th

    Koyote im not gonna be able to make it down this tuesday, if possible I would like to re-schedule our game. Im free this friday in the evening or next tuesday. My saxon warrior-farmers hunger for irish blood!!!
  15. Warhamster Game Night March 14th

    I shall bring my massed mediocrity!!! also I'll be down a little after 7pm