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  1. Wood Elves casting Dark magic? Wow! Things sure have changed since I last played!
  2. Thank you for your response! PM'd!
  3. Sorry for the second post today, I hadn't quite expected my soviets to move so soon, and as such I didn't inventory the other doo-dads I want to get rid of until now. If someone wants to lock/delete/merge my other thread, that'd be fine by me! I would have done so myself, but couldn't find the option to. Also, I messed up in the title, I do not have WHFB DE for sale/trade, but rather will trade for a few newer models. The NIB stuff are things I intended to paint and sell on ebay, but never got around to. Not willing to ship. I am happy to meet you at a local (Portland Metro) game store or something however. I'd like to keep the panzergrenadiers together and not parcel them out, but am open to offers. Case/Foam NOT included. The Epic 40K stuff will not be parcelled out. It's a full package for $60 OBO. I'll throw in my little carrying case for them too. I'm willing to take cash or trade for select Cryx (Deathjack, Nightmare, Bane Thralls, Terminus), Cygnar (Intro box pref), or WHFB Dark Elves (Hydra, 8th ed models) WHFB & FoW stuff http://imgur.com/a/hxW0v 40k Epic stuff http://imgur.com/a/LBTSE WHFB 1x Lord Kroak NIB 1x Box of Lizardman Saurus NIB 1x 6th ed Stegadon NIB 1x Box of Lizardman Skinks NIB 1x Lord of Slaanesh on boobsnake NIB 1x Box of Daemonettes NIB 10x Plaguebringers UNFINISHED PAINTING 1x Box of Chaos Knights NIB Flames of War Midwar Panzergrenadiers This is a mostly assembled Mechanised German army for Flames of War. 2x HQ Command bases ASSEMBLED 8x SdKfz 251 Halftracks ASSEMBLED 2x Platoons of Panzergrenadiers (6 bases + Command + Panzershrek per platoon) ASSEMBLED 2x HMG Bases ASSEMBLED 2x Kfz 15 car (I think) ASSEMBLED 4x tractor of some kind ASSEMBLED 3x Cars ASSEMBLED 3x Casualty tokens ASSEMBLED 1x Stug III (I think, I honestly don't know. It's got a fixed turret, so I think it's an assault tank) ASSEMBLED 2x 88 AA guns ASSEMBLED 4x Pak 40 AT Guns ASSEMBLED WH40K EPIC 6x Guardians PAINTED 1x Farseer w/ Guardians PAINTED 3x Spiritguard ASSEMBLED 1x Autarch w/ Swooping Hawks ASSEMBLED 1x Swooping Hawks ASSEMBLED 1x Warp Gate UNASSEMBLED 1x Dire Avenger ASSEMBLED 1x Fire Dragons ASSEMBLED 2x Rangers ASSEMBLED 1x Dark Reaper ASSEMBLED 1x Farseer w/ Warp Spiders ASSEMBLED 1x Dire Avenger ASSEMBLED 1x Autarch w/ Striking Scorpions ASSEMBLED 1x Striking Scorpions ASSEMBLED 1x Harlequins ASSEMBLED 3x Vypers ASSEMBLED NO BASE 1x Farseer on Vyper ASSEMBLED NO BASE 5x Falcon Grav Tanks ASSEMBLED NO BASE 3x Fire Prisms ASSEMBLED NO BASE 2x Wave Serpents (1 is missing turret) ASSEMBLED 1x Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank ASSEMBLED 1x Other Superheavy Grav Tank that IDK the name of ASSEMBLED 18x Jetbikes LOOSE NO BASE 1x Avatar of Khaine NO BASE 2x Large support platforms NO BASE 3x Small support platforms NO BASE & A bunch of loose minis (all eldar)
  4. KidKonsequence

    H: FoW Soviets W: $$$ or Cryx

  5. KidKonsequence

    H: FoW Soviets W: $$$ or Cryx

    SOLD Looking to unload my old FoW Soviet army. It's been sitting in it's case for years, and it's time to give it a home where it might see some use. I'm not sure on the point total, but if I recall it was a pretty dang big army, even by soviet standards. I'd estimate retail value at about $550. I painted the majority of this army some 9+ years ago when I was in high school. It is themed after the 183rd Rifle division, who fought in Stalingrad, and was intended to be as historically accurate as possible. Both HQ bases have custom made flags (One the USSR, the other the 183rd Rifle Division's Insignia). This army was also briefly featured on the FoW website during some painting contest they held. I'd like to move this locally (Portland Metro) before I give eBay a go. I also have a Panzergrenadier list I'd like to sell or trade that is completely assembled. 2 of the tanks are damaged. One of the light tanks is missing it's turret, and one of the ISU-152s is missing it's barrel. Beyond this, the army is in excellent condition. If you would like more pictures, just ask. The ones I took weren't very great, but I'll gladly provide more. http://imgur.com/a/bxmtX http://imgur.com/a/zbKAX Soviets: 2x HQ Bases PAINTED 1x Kommissar Vasilevsky ASSEMBLED 3x Strelkovya Divisions (18 bases + Command per division) & 10 additional Strelkovya bases PAINTED 3x Kommissar bases PAINTED 5x Kommissars bases PRIMED 3x Flamethrower bases PAINTED 3x Flamethrower bases PRIMED 2x Light Mortar bases PAINTED 5x Objective markers based on pennies PAINTED 2x Custom Battlefield objectives on large base PAINTED 5x Corpse tokens UNPAINTED 6x AT Rifle bases PAINTED 1x AT Rifle base ASSEMBLED 1x Sniper base ASSEMBLED 5x Heavy Machine Gun Bases ASSEMBLED 1x Heavy Machine Gun base PRIMED 16x SMG bases ASSEMBLED 4x Trucks PAINTED 3x Trucks UNPAINTED 2x Katyushka UNASSEMBLED 1x Horsecart PAINTED 4x AT Guns 45mm PAINTED 2x AT Guns 45mm ASSEMBLED 4x ZIS-2 57mm AT Guns PAINTED 5x T-34s PAINTED 3x KV-1e (I think) PAINTED 2x SU 152s 1 missing barrel PAINTED 6x T-26 1 missing turret PAINTED 4x Scout bases + Command ASSEMBLED 1x First Edition Main rulebook Asking $300 OBO. Make me an offer! Also willing to trade for Cryx.