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  1. Talonwinter

    New Box set split.

    Yes i think so. You have to look at the box but the looks like it to me.
  2. Talonwinter

    New Box set split.

    Too true on that sadly. But it is always better to ask than not.
  3. Talonwinter

    New Box set split.

    Looking to split the new box set. Anyone wanting wolves/. I wanting to get GSC side on at lest two sets.
  4. Talonwinter

    Rule info for FAQ

    Can anyone tell me GW faq// errata email or Facebook page? Have a few suggestion I'd like to send in for match play. Thanks
  5. Talonwinter

    5th Edition flash back

    Was looking at having the old codex. I have no clue if i even have mine. LOL AlI i can think about is the doom is back. LoL loved that unit.
  6. Talonwinter

    5th Edition flash back

    Would you be using the current codex or are you looking at the 5th ed codex.?
  7. Get the digital for 34.99. that way you don't have a book to pack around.
  8. Talonwinter

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    Cool I will have to look at my space wolf list. Than with some IK love. WiIl text when i have a list ready. Can we change later if we wish or is it locked in??
  9. Talonwinter

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    0-1 Super Heavy limit will apply at this event. Does the at allow me to take 3 of the new mini knights which are allowed squadron of 3?? The are like a contempture dread for compare-sin.
  10. Talonwinter

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    Can you put me down for this as well.??
  11. Talonwinter

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    When does the US GW Website update? Wasn't it on Friday night in the past
  12. Talonwinter

    The Actually Happening ITC 40K Tournament July 21 2018

    Pricing .?? Singles event not team event. , right? One day not a gt? Or is it a gt? Important... The Pricing Is? Following warhammer fest point lvl or just trying it out for the area??
  13. Talonwinter

    2 Skitarii units for sell or trade

    I have a unit of 1 Tech-Priest Dominus and 1 set of 10 Skitarii Rangers at a good price. $50 These are still on sprue. These are from the Forge-bane box set. If interested post or PM me.Could trade for Genestealer Cult or Tyranids.
  14. Talonwinter

    2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    Lord H does love the game I agree. He can rub people the wrong way. But at lest he has a view point and sticks with it so good or bad. He is open to changes in the tournament but has drawn a hard line at Forge World for this one Tournament that and one lord of war. It his tournament that he developed over the years. Lots of people like it. He has people that look forward to him running it. Not just a local group but people in other states. Joshua Dearth the #1 in the ITC played at the tournament last year. He has taken a break from running tournaments compared to a few years ago. But when he does ITC he been allowing FW. Instead of complaining about the format calling it stupid...Give it a try and see why people are enjoying it and asking for it. The whole thing about this tournament since it started was that Forge World was Banned. People like the format. A lot of People like not facing FW. At a tournament you never see people bring the bad or decent Forge World stuff. It is always the Broken stuff. The stuff there codex can't do as good. I have never seen anything but Pylons for Necrons at a tournament for example. I have seen other stuff at narrative games but never in a tournament. In the last 3 to 4 years only has been allowing forge world has become the norm. Before that is was rare to see a tournament allow it. Forge World was considered mainly for Apocalypse games or Something narrative. As for forge world being a outdated view. I don't think it is really. A lot of the people new to the game don't know about it at first and when you are at the GW store they do not promote it all that much. It is a supplemental option. For most people it is truly expensive to buy. I have kit bashed to make models for my Tyranids as it was cheaper that buying them. As a player over the last 9 years i have always asked if it was OK to bring intell just recently. And than only if doing ITC format, because it is allowed in it. If GW meant for it to be part of the game for new players the unit and army rules would be in the CODEX they make. That it is not makes it a optional source. Since it is optional TO's should not be criticized for running tournament with it or without it. if GW doesn't allow them for their Tournaments at time... Why should everyone else? When i go to ITC tournaments i only see a few people with forge world in there list. Like the Guy that had Fourteen of the FW AM Hellhounds that are like 114 with a nasty flamer and meltas.. That units is cheaper than any AM tanks in there codex by like 20 to 40 points with way more fire power. The rest of the list is space wolves. Sadly the guy who runs it doesn't even have the real models. He has knock offs. 70 present of the people playing at the tournament don't have forge world. and at lest 50% won't play it for many different reasons. Cost, being made to buy extra rules, and so forth. ITC banned many units from forge world just last year be cause of imbalance in the unit rules. Many players don't own or play with it. More than a few dislike playing against it. Yes Forge World has many models for different armies, mainly Imperials and power armor when compared to Zenos). But these are optional rules. If Forge World was to close up shop it wouldn't effect the game. It is not needed for it to be complete. You liked the concept of the tournament than run one like it allowing FW. You already know people enjoy the format. If you think you can do it better do so. Lord H would love to play this format himself. ( - FW of course) He would likely still come and play.Even with forge world. But he wouldn't call you stupid for allowing it. At the end of it, even Games Workshop keeps them to separate. It is a optional source that TO's can allow or not allow. They are setting up a event that most people don't or can't be bothered to set up, because they want to play. They should be applauded for making the effort. They shouldn't be insulted for making that choice.!! TO's get a lot of flak from people on mission, format, rule calls, and many other thing. These people set up events not for a big payday but for the love of the game. Lots of TO are Hobby shop owners. A lot or not. We should not as a group should be insulting the people that setting up the events we enjoy. We should be encouaging them to do more. We all just want to roll dice and play fun game in a safe relaxing environment. Hopeful with Air Conditioned with beer!! God Love Portland OR.!!
  15. Talonwinter

    2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    It is not exclusive. You just have to sign up for it fast. The format is what makes it so much fun and worth the effort to attend. Getting to fight 5 different codex over the week end is great. but if you allowed more than the limit that wouldn't happen. That would ruin the format intention. I played twice over the 5 years and it was worth the time spent. You both do understand that forge world is not played every where. This is not the only tournament format that limits Forge World. GW events have said no forge world at some of them. This is a THEME EVENT that been this was for over 4 to 5 years, before ITC was a thing. Before Forge world was wildly used or expected. The event has grown to a GT event over the last few year. Hanaur does run ITC event and he allows Forge World in them. You also don't seam to know the ITC use to limit Forge World too.. Hanuar don't like forge world it is well known. I can see his side of it. I feel if the tournament allows it than they are fine and people have to deal with some stuff. I also love a tournament that limit it the amount of Forge World or as this one does Bans it. Both types of tournaments are good thing and allow people to play a style they prefer. Where do you git off saying that is a wrong thing.?? The event is not super clique-y we get people from all over the country. VonVikee How would you know if it is clique?? Have been to the event? Have you came and watched? You live in the northwest.?? Cause we have no shortage of players up here. Getting people is not a issue. So you feel Tournament that have a focus on fun unique theme sets easy limits for everyone to have fun to help people have a good time is a bad thing....??? That a tournament that went for 8 people to over 32 in a few years because of the format that people enjoy...!!They actually like it..!!! Is dumb??? Man you have some odd kind of ego that you have the right to tell a man that has worked hard setting up and running a tournament year after year that he is stupid for doing it. He is stupid for running a event many people like..?. May more people be this stupid. Because I like it.!! Are you a TO or just a player? I am guessing you are a player who know nothing about running a event of this size or the effort to make it grow. A person willing to spend time setting up a tournament of this size. Getting food drinks and custom dice for everyone attending. Finding sponsors, setting up a live stream. Doing this yearly. This is no small task. So he made a tournament with a format that he would love to play in but doesn't. He does it for other people to enjoy as he judges. He built this format himself and it is successful. People a lot of people like it. If you don't like his event than run your own. But don't call something stupid if you never played the format. Saying something is stupid before you try it is actually what is stupid. A lot of people like and play Forge World. Most of the tournament you can go to are ITC format these days. They allow Forge world at most of these. If you want to bring them do so there. There you can play the same army maybe 2 to 4 times depending on the local meta. Yep that's fun all the time. same old format all the time. Real fun!! The people that run ITC love going to tournament that have different formats then theirs. Nova, is a example. Games Workshop for is different and they limit //Ban Forge World at some of them.SO i see you think the are stupid for doing that to.!! In the end If you want to have fun playing the same army only one time out of 5 games. Getting to meet people that love the armies they play maybe even more than you do. Please open your mind to a new and different experience. This tournament is Great. It is refreshing and worth the time to attend and play. I see most of his response have been nice and polite. I don't have those issues at this time.