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  1. People are split on this. Hopfully they FAQ it soon with the MArch or April FAQ. I know a GT this month that is going to allow it as well.
  2. From the GSC FB group. Don't want to put any names, just in case. Leaks!!!Ready for a huge leak? I'm about to drop all my info. Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor: Subterranean Ambushers (+1 to advance and charge in first battle round or on first turn they appear) Pauper Princes: Devoted Zealots (re-roll hits for attacks made with melee weapons when they charge, are charged or HI) The Hivecult: Disciplined Militants (half models that flee morale, can shoot when they fall back but at -1 to hit) The Bladed Cog: Cyborgised Hybrids (6++ or improve ++ by 1. Infantry don't suffer penalty to hit when moving and firing Heavy) The Rusted Claw: Nomadic Survivalists (+1 to save if AP is 0 or -1. Biker models don't suffer penalty for moving and shooting Heavy or for advancing and shooting Assault) The Twisted Helix: Experimental Subjects (+1 strength and +2 to advance) Acolytes, neophytes and brood brothers are troops Bikes are T4 2Wwith autopistol and blasting charges. 1 quad for every 4 bikes, Quad also has heavy stubber. They're -1 to hit in shooting phase. Quad can change for mining laser The bikers have to take two weapons from the atalan weapons list, can't take same weapon twice (Autogun, autopistol, bolt pistol, cultist knife, demo charge, grenade launcher (1 in 4), improvised weapon, power axe (leader only), power hammer (leader only), power pick, shotgun) Btw bikes are 10pts base + weapons (quad is 15) Cult ambush is.... During deployment, set up a unit in CA. If Infantry or Biker you can set up in ambush OR underground. When underground, it can emerge at the end of any of your Movement phases. Set up a la DS. When set up in Ambush place a marker anywhere in your deployment zone. If you set up a Transport in ambush you must still say what's in it - one marker for transport and unit inside. Markers cant be shot etc. Measure from centre of the marker. Now this is where it gets interesting If you have 1st turn, you reveal all of your ambush markers at the start of your movement phase, one at a time, before moving units. Set model down within 1" of the marker, remove marker, place rest of unit wholly within 6" of that model and more than 9" from enemy models. Unit can move and shoot normally. but if it was a Transport, models that disembark cannot be set up within 9" of enemy. They don't count as moving when coming in from ambush, only if they move after. If your opponent has the first turn, none of their units can be set up or end a move within 9" of a marker. At the end of your opponent's first movement phase, after they have set up all their unit from reinforcements, reveal all your ambush markers as described above before continuing the turn For 1CP you can select 3 units that would be deployed via CA and instead put them underground (so basically you can set up units in your deployment zone and then say "feth this" and DS them anywhere if it suits) for 1CP you can make your objectives secret, revealed only when you score them. That's cool Nexos (map guy?) lets you select an ambush token you've deployed and move it anywhere in your deployment zone (12" away from enemy models). It's also got some CP regen ability Roll a D6 when a CP is spent. If you spent it and there's a Primus and Nexos on the board, add 1. If your opponent spent it and there's a Clamavus and Nexos on the board, add 1. In either case, you get a CP on a 6+ Psychic.powers! Mass Hypnosis - CV7 - Visible enemy unit within 18" can't fire overwatch, fights last in fight phase even if it charged and -1 to hit until your next psychic phase. Mind Control - CV7 - Enemy model within 12" of psyker. Roll 3D6. If equal to or over Ld it can immediately shoot another enemy unit or make a single close combat attack against it. Can't attack self but can attack its own unit. Psionic Blast - CV5 - Visible enemy unit within 18". 2D6 vs Ld. Lower = 1 MW, equal of higher = D3 Mental Onslaught - CV6 - Visible enemy within 18". Both players roll D6 and add Ld. If you score higher, model suffers 1 MW. Repeat this process until model is dead or you fail to wound it. Psychic Stimulus - CV6 - Friendly unit within 18". Charge after advancing (though not after falling back) and always hit first even if they didn't charge. Might From Beyond - CV7 - Friendly infantry or biker unit within 18". +1 S and A until next psychic phase. CC points: Heavy improvised: 10, heavy power hammer: 16, Heavy rock drill: 17, power hammer: 4, power pick: 9, power sledgehammer: 0, power axe: 5, power maul: 4 Ridgerunner is M 14" T5 W8 Sv 4+ and comes with 2 heavy stubbers, heavy mining laser (can swap for missile launcher or heavy mortar) and flare launcher (can swap for survey augur or a spotter) Gets a free 9" move at start of the game Spotter increases range of its weapons by 6", augur ignores cover, flare launcher does the FNP and make bikers move faster thing Default is 50 base + HML (25) + flares (5) so 80 Wow the locus is crazy (the bodyguard character) 2+ 2+ S4 T3 W4 A4 5+ with hypermorph tail (AP-1 D1 additional attack) and locus blades (Ap -3 D1 increase to D2 if it charged, was charged or performed HI). Does the usual bodyguard 'Absorb wound on 2+' thing. Subtracts enemy Ld by 1 within 6". Can HI 6" and can choose to move towards nearest enemy character rather than nearest enemy model, has 5++ and always fights first Locus is 40pt elite The Sanctus' sniper rifle causes a Perils if it wounds a psyker Bike alphus Alphus is 5W T4 5+ with -1 to hit in shooting, has a 36" heavy 1 S4 AP-2 D3 sniper rifle (additional MW on 6+ to wound). She selects a visible unit within 36" . Add +1 to hit rolls for friendly <Cult> units while they're within 6" of this model (or 12" if they're bikers). Basically she markerlights gak She picks a unit, everything cult nearby gets +1 to hit Drill is interesting Oh btw, to be clear, blips do not count as reserves One per turn in their movement phase an infantry or biker unit with CA can move off the table if all models are on ground level and can move within 1" of the drill (can't do it the same turn it arrives as reinforcements). If a unit does this, remove them from the battlefield. At the end of the next movement phase, deep strike them So basically, move up to within 1" of it and feth off for a turn, then pop up And you can activate it if a model is on the piece at the end of your movement phase (and no enemy models are on it). D6 for every unit on ground level within 3" of the drill D6 mortal wounds on a 6 Then roll a D6 again, adding 1 for every time the drill has been activated during the battle. <6 = Seismic Tremors (subtract 2" from charge rolls made within 12" of the model. Doesn't affect Fly. Not cumulative) 6+ = Seismic Quake (straight imaginary line 1mm in thickness from one battlefield edge to another that crosses the model. D6 for unit that the line crosses on ground level (not Fly). D3 MW on 4+ and movement is halved until next Movement phase. Lol, the drill is 75ptsNo Baneblade, etcs Cult russ is standard BC, can be replaced nova cannon, exterminator auto or vanquisher without wargear which I cba to add up, acolytes 7pts (5-20), BB infantry squad 4pts (10), neophytes 5pts (10-20) Looks interesting if true
  3. A guy on dakka dakkka named Causalis Said.Got my Kill Team Box with the Gunslinger in it today. Can confirm that he has no other special rules etc. than what was previewed on the WHC site. But some of the weapons for the Acolytes and Metamorphs changed! -Hand Flamers are D6 shots now (no surprise there) -Rock Saw stayed the same (no -1 to-hit) -Rock Cutter does Damage D3 now -Drill stayed the same -No stat changes to Metamorphs -Metamorph Talon now also adds an additional attack. Still no AP. -The claw is still S+2 but now AP-1. Still only does 1 damage sadly... Food for thought. It is from dakka dakka so salt. A rumor of a skimmer type flyer transport to that not reviled yet trying to get the point cost of the gunslinger.
  4. Codex next week with bikes and Char. and Drill. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/01/27/pre-order-preview-genestealer-cults/
  5. Thanks for the thought on this. A new take with some shooting threat. +++ Wolf hunt (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) +++ ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) ++ + No Force Org Slot + Trophies of Fenris (1 Relic) + HQ + Rune Priest on Bike: 2. Tempest's Wrath, Bolt pistol, Psychic hood, Runic armour, Runic sword Bike: Twin boltgun Wolf Priest: Bolt pistol, Jump Packs, Power fist The Armour of Russ: Relic of The Fang + Troops + Blood Claws 6x Blood Claw Blood Claw Pack Leader: Chainsword Blood Claws 6x Blood Claw Blood Claw Pack Leader: Chainsword Intercessor Squad: Bolt rifles, 4x Intercessor Intercessor Pack Leader: Chainsword + Elites + Aggressors: 5x Aggressor, Aggressor Pack Leader, Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher Wulfen Great frost axe 8x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 8x Storm Shield, 8x Thunder Hammer 9x Wulfen Wulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws Wulfen Great frost axe 8x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 8x Storm Shield, 8x Thunder Hammer 9x Wulfen Wulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws + Fast Attack + Thunderwolf Cavalry Thunderwolf Cavalry: Chainsword, Storm shield Thunderwolf Cavalry: Chainsword, Storm shield Thunderwolf Cavalry: Storm shield, Thunder hammer Thunderwolf Cavalry: Storm shield, Thunder hammer Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader: Storm shield, Thunder hammer ++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) ++ ++ Total: [111 PL, 1994pts] ++
  6. What is the number of body's do you think A pure space wolf army needs? I was thinking 45 body's was pretty good. Since i was running 60 to 70 with my Tyranids. 20 Genestealers with 5++ and FNP are surprisingly hard to kill. Thinking a 3++ and FNP Wulfin will be even harder to kill. Am I missing something??
  7. I play Tyranids a lot and I almost never have a save. The Idea is to flood the table with storm shields. One or two unit will outflank coming in on a board edge 9 inches way. The Wolf priest give reroll everything to the large wulfen unit and the other follows the two thunder wolf units with the wulfin stone to make sure the get the extra attack. Is it better to do two big wulfin units?Stratagem wise there is not a lot of them that I need to have. Most are low cost 1 CP. The rest are for re-rolls on a save or a charge. If they're any combos i ma overlooking please tell me.Here it is Hunting Wolves List+++ Hunting Wolves +++++ Total: [102 PL, 1997pts] ++ = 8CP Total++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) +++ HQ +Wolf Priest: Combi-melta, Jump Packs, Power fistThe Wulfen Stone: Relic of The FangWolf Priest: Combi-melta, Jump Packs, Power fist+ Troops +Blood Claws4x Blood ClawBlood Claw Pack Leader: ChainswordBlood Claws4x Blood ClawBlood Claw Pack Leader: ChainswordBlood Claws4x Blood ClawBlood Claw Pack Leader: Chainsword+ Elites +Wulfen9x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 9x Storm Shield, 9x Thunder Hammer9x WulfenWulfen Pack Leader: Frost clawsWulfen4x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 4x Storm Shield, 4x Thunder Hammer4x WulfenWulfen Pack Leader: Frost clawsWulfen4x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 4x Storm Shield, 4x Thunder Hammer4x WulfenWulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws+ Fast Attack +Thunderwolf CavalryThunderwolf Cavalry: Storm shield, Thunder hammerThunderwolf Cavalry: Chainsword, Storm shieldThunderwolf Cavalry: Frost axe, Storm shieldThunderwolf Cavalry: Chainsword, Storm shieldThunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader: Storm shield, Thunder hammerThunderwolf CavalryThunderwolf Cavalry: Chainsword, Storm shieldThunderwolf Cavalry: Chainsword, Storm shieldThunderwolf Cavalry: Storm shield, Thunder hammerThunderwolf Cavalry: Storm shield, Wolf clawThunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader: Storm shield, Thunder hammer++ Total: [102 PL, 1997pts] ++
  8. Levi dread is amazing. I face these alot localy. The Gun options are really good and threaten a knight with 16 str 8 shots. They cost a little less than a knight and the have opption. screen them and the are a true pain in the tail. Was a guy running 6 of them entail the faq. Now he still runs 3 and the are a solid fire base. If i play dreds these are what i would run no doubt.
  9. Yes i think so. You have to look at the box but the looks like it to me.
  10. Too true on that sadly. But it is always better to ask than not.
  11. Looking to split the new box set. Anyone wanting wolves/. I wanting to get GSC side on at lest two sets.
  12. Can anyone tell me GW faq// errata email or Facebook page? Have a few suggestion I'd like to send in for match play. Thanks
  13. Was looking at having the old codex. I have no clue if i even have mine. LOL AlI i can think about is the doom is back. LoL loved that unit.
  14. Would you be using the current codex or are you looking at the 5th ed codex.?
  15. Get the digital for 34.99. that way you don't have a book to pack around.
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