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  1. Tau Preview

    No i would say only 2 attacks. They have to be in a set to get them. Seams clear.
  2. LF Hive Guard or Bits

    I am looking for hive Guard. Metal or fine cast is ok. I am also looing for the impaler gun's from the new plastic kits. Willing to trade or something. Have space wolf Items can trade for things.
  3. 40k Terracrux Tournament

    Can you pay at the store to get the lower price?
  4. 40k Terracrux Tournament

    I may be able to make that myself.
  5. 2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    Finger is waiting.
  6. 2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    Will we be able to pay with paypal?
  7. 2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    THe pics are new and the info is last year right?
  8. Whats everyone's thought on the new Codex? Competitive at all?
  9. Point cost will make or break it.
  10. tyranofex is 185 pts. rupture cannon is 47 or 49.rupture cannon profile is heavy 3, s10 ap-3 d6 damage. thats all. no more funky "if it hits both..blablabla"exocrine with all wargear is 210 or something like that. minor points decreasevenomthropes and zoans are still fielded as units of 3venomthropes when in grp of 3 also affect monsters. when in a grp of 6, the aura becomes 6". the carnifex biomorpth that gives -1 to hit to enemy shooters does not stack with venomthrope. said biomorph is 10 pts. genestealers remain the same. but have an option of getting +1 armour but they lose swift and deadly. (wtf GW)there is a relic for any character that gives either +1S, +1A or +1T during fight phase. roll dice to see which buffharuspex is something around 220 pts with wargear. not sure if any rules changed
  11. Psychic scream, WC5, Targets nearest enemy within 18" does d3 mortal wounds. if the target is a psyker, also roll 2d6. if the value is higher than the enemy psyker's leadership, the enemy psyker loses 1 spell at randomparoxysm WC5, target enemy unit within 12" of the psyker fights last. (there's a whole big ass block of text here talking about exceptions and what not)*cant remember the name* target unit within 36" of the psyker essentially gains synapsehere's a bunch of random (please do not swear)old one is is now 9 wounds. 200 pts. hits of 6 generate one additional attack. can be equipped with a scything talons relic that +1s ap-3, 3dmg, +1 attack. uses behemoth warlord traitswarmlord is t7, 12w, 4++. his blade parry makes it 3++. no other notable change i think. uses leviathan warlord traithivefleet gorgon warlord trait: enemy units within 3" of the warlord at the end of the turn take 1 mortal wound each on a 4plushivefleet behemoth warlord trait: on 6's to wound he deals an additional damagehivefleet leviathan warlord trait: after deployment but before start of game, redeploy your warlordtyrannocyte is now 100 pts. 5pts for each deathspitter.hivefleet kronos stratagem: 2cp, when an enemy psyker attempts to cast a spell, make it use only 1 dice to rollhivefleet behemoth stratagem: 2cp, choose on unit. roll a d6 for each charging model. for each 6 deal 1 mortal wound to the enemy unit it charged. for monsters its on a roll of 2+2cp stratagem: choose one unit. at the end of the shooting phase it shoots again. (cannot target monsters)maleceptors total pointage including wargear is 172. T7, 12W
  12. Some more rumors. "chapter tactics"behemoth: reroll failed chargesKraken: can charge after falling backGorgon: reroll 1s to hit for fight phasejormungandr: always have cover bonus (i'm not sure if i read this right)hydra: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phasekronos: reroll 1s to hit for shooting, IF the unit doesnt moveLeviathan: looks to be the same as salamander tactic but i'm not 100% sureNeurothrope is now HQ, a character and no longer part of a zoanthrope unit. zoanthropes within 6" of a neurothrope reroll 1s for psychic tests. the spirit leech thing now only heals 1 wound for a zoanthrope unit withint 6"here's the bit lots and lots of ppl will go nuts aboutthere are now 3 seperate carnifex entries. 1.) Carnifex 2.) Screamer killer 3.) Thornbackcarnifex including 2x monstrous scything talons clock in total at 83 pts.. the 2 pairs of monstrous scything talons for carnifexes are 15 pts, 1 pair is 14 pts. yes.. i know. dont ask me why.there are individual upgrades for basic carnifexes. +1BS, +1 attack on the charge, -1 to hit from enemy shooting. on the charge carnifexes and screamer killers now get +1 WS on top of the current battering ram rulescreamer killers come stock with "bio plasmic scream" which is 0 points, 12" assault 6(not sure on the number), S7 ap-1, 1damage. screamer killers come stock with 2 monstrous scything talons as well. 90 pts in totaldont have much info on the thornback other than at the end of combat roll d6 for each enemy unit in combat with it. on 6 deal 1 mortal
  13. From the Tyranid Hive;about an hour ago seeg said:our hive tyrant is now t7, 12W. wings will have deepstrike. has a base 4++. down one attack. didnt manage to see the pointage or the wargear options. no idea if monstrous rending claws are still a thing.carnifex are t7 as well. slight cost reduction. didnt get to see anything else.maleceptors deal 3 mortal wounds if we roll a 6 on that weird aoe ability. it knows 2 spells and can cast and deny 2 spells. also t7. also 4++. i roughly remember 2 more things1 is a stratagem tied to a fleet whose name i cant remember.start of psychic phase, choose one enemy psyker (cant remember if there's a range or if its from one of our own psykers). Targeted enemy psyker uses only 1 dice to roll his spells and a warlord trait: if an enemy psyker within x inches (cant remember the range) fails his cast he suffers d3 mortal wounds. i'm sure i missed something else here. my memory sucks ass.
  14. TO question

    The issue is you can get a digital copy at midnight. I have my codex on my tablet so making a list is not had to do that morning. Their is not that many gotcha rules with them letting leaks out before hand. It's not going to make people unhappy. I personal like getting to play the new army before the person knows all the tricks it can do. It goes both ways.
  15. New 40k edition

    The new Tyranids focus is crazy good. Swarmlord can take a IK knight out by himself 7 strength 8 attacks that do d6 wounds. Scary vs large targets. his auxiliary powers are good to a free move for a unit in the shooting faze before charging makes getting heavy hitter or large units into combat very easy. H-gaunts and Genestealer are movement 8. Very Fast in combo with the swarmlord power that is a 8inch move+d6 run+8 inch move and 2d6 charge. that is a max 34 inch charge range.. That's crazy turn one. Genestealser got the GSC treatment and can be made to hit on 2 and a full squad of 20 get 80 attacks with 6's being rend-4. A full unit hitting a IK will severely hurt it in one round of combat. To be finish off by something else. Tyranids will be a fast combat army with mid range shooting. Should be fun to play and play against. Can't wait for 8th to drop. Should be fun.