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  1. Okay cool! Sounds good to me! Hope to get some games in with you guys in June or July once I am moved up there! Sounds like at least 1 AZ guy is gonna try to come up for this tournament
  2. Do we know approximately what time Round 1 will start on Saturday? Just curious to see if it would be worth driving down Saturday morning from Seattle, or if I should plan on staying Friday night. Thanks guys!
  3. Also do you guys get a block room rate for the hotel for the event? Im going to try to get some of the AZ guys to maybe come up
  4. Either WDG or Dread Elves! Depending on whether I can get my warriors painted in time or not after moving! If not I'll bring the DE back out and hope they do as well as they did in March to War
  5. I'll plan on being there! Hope we can have a good turnout!
  6. So far have 3 confirmed AZ guys. Myself, Chris Hines, Evan Boritas
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