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Our First Game Day and Ordo Fanaticus' Awesome Support



Thanks Ordo Fanaticus!

Hey Everyone,

I have received such amazing support from the Ordo Fanticus community regarding our Tabletop Club that we started at The Dalles Public Library.  This club is designed to offer access to tabletop gaming to youth in the community and to use a mentoring process to help teach our area youth about the hobby of tabletop gaming and miniature painting.  

Prior to me telling Ordo about the project, we had had two interest meetings where we talked about how to paint and worked a little bit on terrain.  

We had our first game day for our Shadow Wars campaign this last Sunday and we had over 19 people show up to battle for water control and gang supremacy on Logan's World!  We had a few youth bring miniatures donated to them by Ordo or local community members and a few other youth come to flirt with the idea of playing.

On top of it all, we also received a few amazing donations from Ordo Members, one in the form of a ton of unbuilt models from Purajh and another in the form of a donation to paint our Primaris marines to be Sons of Medusa by member Scarydog (You can see his WIP shot in this blog update).

We are so excited for all of this support and for the interest we are getting from our local community.  

Thanks everyone for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.  


image1 (1).JPG


image1 (2).JPG



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