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  1. my fist choice is Russian both armor and infantry.
  2. i can bring Germans and Russians for this both point levels as well as terrain for eastern front tables including plenty of buildings.
  3. i can currently build a t55 battalion of Syrians. I am building up a Iranian chieftain list and will problay build up my Israelis m 60 company.
  4. dose any one have a spare east German t-55 card hq and tank company that i could buy borrow for the tournament?
  5. the red army and the British did link up in Persia modern Iran during the war.
  6. I have mk 3 marines

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    2. scottshoemaker


      2:00 at guardian is best


    3. lazarus


      ok ill be there my name is ryan and my cell number is 971-404-1906


    4. lazarus


      thank you for the models today it was nice meeting you.  I am interested in the army books you mentioned for the hourus heresy as well if we can figure out how to do it.

  7. yes have about 4 games in now. i have nearly two full maniples built and painted.
  8. me and Steve both have Israeli armies and Syrian and Egyptian army for fate of a nation.
  9. I am interested in both groups of mk 3 marines and the contemptor dreadnought with power fist.


  10. Great that yall had good games. almost made it but the pain kicked in about the time i was going in to the shop. hurts bad today as well i do not think they reset the temp crown very well.
  11. Sorry did not make it had a root canal done today.
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