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  1. I have about $400+ worth of resin 15mm Stalingrad terrain from JR Miniatures that i am looking to sell for about $250. Some painted some not. If there is any interest, i can throw up some pics. Also, long time no see. Hope everyone is healthy and happy.
  2. Holy [big bad swear word], I haven't looked at this board in a year and I choose the week someone revives my necropost. Cesar, I still have it and was just showing it to a friend on Thursday. Message me if you want it. I am in Portland.
  3. The Vallejo model air paints are much thinner than standard Vallejo paints as they are designed for air brushes.
  4. When can we reserve a spot? Please mark me down for a spot after Champs take their spots.
  5. I have thought about something like this in the past. I have been to a fishing weekend near Astoria a few times at a place that would also be perfect. it sleeps 18. Has a game room with pool table, a hot tub, a steam room, and has a mile of private fishing creek for those that want some of that. http://www.bigcreekfishing.com/
  6. Sold! thanks Ordo! I remodeled my game room and no longer need this display case. Great for models, minis, statues and such. $50 or best offer. The dimensions are 15.5" x 13.25" x 69" I live in SE Portland near 82nd and Powell
  7. Frankly, both the BA rules and the Armies of Germany needed a revision. I am glad they waited as long as they did, though, to really suss out the things needing correction. That Konflict '47 looks pretty fun, too. Especially since I imagine most of your BA army is still usable in this other system.
  8. Looks like eblingus is going to take this. Thanks, Ordo!
  9. Hey everybody. i bought a new desk last night and would like to get rid of my old one. I have spent countless hours sitting at this bench building models. As a result, the surface has paint spatters, some stains, etc. The desk itself is sturdy and has years of life left in it as a great modeling bench. The upper level really makes it well suited for modeling supplies or placing the parts of your army you are done with or about to get to. Anyway, i would like it gone. If you swing by with a six pack of something tasty, it is yours. I live in SE near 82nd and Powell. Shoot me a PM and come g
  10. So lame. That said, I have a '63 Sprint I would love to sell you if you need a new scoot.
  11. This item has sold. Thanks, Ordo.
  12. I think these are sold, but if it falls through I will let you know.
  13. Here is one for $1500 http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/5345690680.html
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