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  1. I also have a REALLY hard time giving out my pin, and feeling like I let the other opponents down because I enjoyed all of the games for different reasons. Dave got it because he took a beatdown with grace and humour, while still challenging me and we laughed the whole game. I wish I could have given out more... but Bryan might have noticed the numbers were off 😜 Also yes - if I can get Will to come back, I will bring him. Linton, too!
  2. Wondering where Underdogs fell down on sports. That's more important to me than battle points 🙂
  3. Underdogs! We have been remiss this year due to personal issues but we will be there, even if we don't have a clue what we're doing :P
  4. That's highly unusual as I've heard nothing from him about crossfit.
  5. Sounds like a great time! When so we get to run in wuth steel chairs?
  6. A quick rundown of my list with pictures. Nothing spectacular I'm going old school with a single CAD. The Battle of Sarosh relic gives me tank hunter, night sight, interceptor or skyfire once each per game. Just for giggles. I hope it's straightforward enough, I think so. See you at the weekend :) : Combined Arms Detachment (49#, 1996 pts) 1 Ezekiel, 145 pts 8 Tactical Squad, 211 pts (Meltagun) 1 Sergeant (Power Fist x1; Plasma Pistol x1) 1 Drop Pod (Drop Pod Assault) 9 Tactical Squad, 235 pts (Meltagun; Heavy Bolter) 1 Sergeant (Power Fist x1; Plasma Pistol x1) 1 Drop Pod (Drop Pod Assault) 9 Tactical Squad, 235 pts (Meltagun; Heavy Bolter) 1 Sergeant (Power Fist x1; Plasma Pistol x1) 1 Drop Pod (Drop Pod Assault) 1 Spartan Assault Tank (IA), 355 pts (Armoured Ceramite; Frag Assault Launchers; Battle of Sarosh) 1 Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armour, 165 pts (Crozius Arcanum; Digital Weapons; Warlord) 1 Foe-Smiter 4 Deathwing Knights, 235 pts 1 Knight Master 1 Imperial Bastion, 135 pts (Emplaced Heavy Bolters x4; Void Shield; Gun Emplacement with Icarus Lascannon) 4 Scout Squad, 70 pts (Camo Cloaks; Sniper Rifle x4) 1 Sergeant (Camo Cloaks; Sniper Rifle) 1 Ravenwing Land Speeders, 210 pts (Anti-grav Upwash) 1 Ravenwing Land Speeder (Assault Cannon) 1 Ravenwing Land Speeder (Assault Cannon) 1 Ravenwing Land Speeder (Assault Cannon)
  7. It's less than a week before the event and I STILL don't have access to the captains section
  8. Ahhh, the last hurrah of 7th edition. I'm looking forward to this very much indeed. Our team comprises of three people from the UK who live in Canada, and one Canadian who doesn't live in Canada. Myself, Doc, Ryan Longair and Findlay Craig. He will most likely be wearing a kilt! Here is my roster, Single CAD Dark Angels list, Old School! Three drop pods of Tacticals, one has Ezekiel in it for the magic. A Spartan with DW Knights and an Interrogator Chaplain (Warlord), Legacy of Sarosh for shenanigans Three landspeeders! A Bastion with a lascannon and scouts holding the fort. Good times. Photos as soon as I get my models out. Chris Jones, A-Club Underdogs 2017.pdf
  9. That's cool. Just had real life the last day or so. Stupid thing always gets in the way! :-P
  10. If only WOW was closer to the border. I'd be on this like pus on Nurglings. I love this idea.
  11. Yes, I'll be playing Malifaux as I still want to support the Ordo. The event IS important to the region and is a lot of fun with a lot of great people in attendance.
  12. Honestly, I wish I'd written this because this is how I feel and I'm glad that we agree on this Nathan. I'm not as eloquent as Alex or Doc and I let my passion get in the way at times - evidence here. I wish I'd slept on it before taking it to Facebook as I'm feeling much more reasonable this morning and a little foolish. If anyone took my comments as a personal attack I will be happy to apologise. Just drop me a pm and I'll be happy to talk about it. Like Alex, I play with one codex and a CAD. I have played with a Lion's Blade detachment but it felt dirty. The game IS bloated and yes, having to look up a rule and then look at another document to see what a third party's opinion of it can be time consuming. It could even slow a game down. Actually, on that I do have a helpful suggestion for those who may not have thought of it. Print the document and highlight all of the lines in the document that pertain to their army. Keep it handy. HoGs, please encourage pople who don't usually play under ITC to do the same so that there are no awkward moments. I wouldn't want someone to go to an ITC event with an army they built for the event to find that their build has been negated.
  13. It matters to me. *breathe* 40K has its flaws and those flaws bring reasonable conversation about the game in an environment where hobby, sportsmanship and camaraderie are important - like in Ordo Fanaticus. The same with Malifaux, Kings of War, 9th Age, Sigmar, Warmachine, and Infinity. Thankfully half a dozen internet celebrities in California haven't decided to mess with those too. That document is not RAW, it's not even RAI. It's "How I Would Play It" and it is NOT how I would play it. Fine - if that is the way they would play it then more power to them. I just don't like it being forced on me. I would like to get some good games in but for now I'll play elsewhere, by the rules that Games Workshop wrote - not rules written by some power gamers who think they know better. I will grant that a lot of the stuff is reasonable where it answers some ambiguity - but outright changing rules "for the purposes of the event" is a load. Reece Robbins and his gang are not the Adeptus Terra. Joel had it right last year when he gave people the option to play by the real rules after discussion with their opponent. This makes me sad. I've always looked forward to the 40K event at OFCC.
  14. Sorry Jim, I'm not playing 40K under the ITC. It's a BS crutch.
  15. How? There's a basic amount of trust that people are mature enough to leave the grand prize tournament lists at home when it is a friendly event where hobby, sportsmanship and camaraderie are paramount - like OFCC and Foodhammer. And Ordo has a list rating committee. And a TO (like Joel did last year) who tells people outright that their lists are not fit for the event. I've done it too, it's simple and if a person doesn't want to play unless they can bring their face beating filth then it probably isn't the event for them anyway and they should go to the Adepticon Championships or NOVA Open. I agree that acting over defensively does come off badly. I never said that I would or have act like that. I've seen it and had to moderate it recently while sitting in as ringer/gopher on a local tourney - it's pathetic and was awkward for me trying to resolve the issue and talk the overly defensive guy into not leaving, ruining the event for more people than himself. Actually, he was dealing with That Guy, so it was kinda pathetic on both sides of the table. I ran Wet Coast GT 40K over the last three years without the ITC edict. No problems, and we have had players from as far afield as California. Maybe I'm just lucky!
  16. If you mean that they can be read both ways then there is a problem either with players failing to comprehend or with GW's design team who really should read their own work. Either that or someone is trying to force their interpretation (RAI) because it is to their advantage. That's what a judge is for. People have asked me how I am handling x and y and I have told them that it was RAW out of the book. I had no issues that were not pleasantly resolved by a short conversation. Are you enforcing the ITC edict, or giving people leeway to play within the rules as written, with the ITC document as a possible solution to questions? This is an important point and should be clarified in the main body of the tournament outline. I completely ignored the ITC document last year. My opponents seemed to as well.
  17. Is there a format yet? I'd like to let the other Canadians know asap :)
  18. This is my problem too. I thoroughly dislike the FAQ. It shouldn't actually be called an FAQ - it should be called an edict. I ran Foodhammer 40K last year straight out of the box and allowed people to bring what they wanted with the provision that they police themselves and not be cheesy asshat filthmongers. I saw no titans over Knight level, one Tau'nar Supremacy Armour and two all knight armies . None of them won. EVERYONE had a great time. My opinion is that the ITC is not necessary unless there are major prizes and serious play involved. And that's not OFCC. I need to think about whether I need to bother bringing a team, or just a Malifaux crew.
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