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  1. Burk, Everything Willy makes is darn nice. Sorry, but everything goes as a bundle. If they don't sell, they go back into the paint queue. Eric, Have to send me an email addy to send pics. I'm still back in the dark ages when it comes to tech :)
  2. Hello, Thinning out my BB teams to make room for new ones. OOP Bare Plastic Orcs from 3rd ed box (assembled): 6 Linemen 2 Black Ork 2 Blitzer 2 Thrower $15 plus shipping 2 Greebo (I think) Trolls (assembled and bare metal) $15 each plus shipping OOP 3rd ed High Elves. Painted well and ready for the pitch. 7 Linemen 2 Blitzers 1 Thrower 2 Catchers 1 Prince Moranion $105 plus shipping OOP 3rd ed Dark Elves (painted fair) 7 Linemen 2 Blitzers 2 Witch Elves 1 Assassin 2 Runners 1 Cheerleader $63 plus shipping OOP 3rd ed Skaven (painted by Blu
  3. If friken only! I've been waiting since 2nd ed :-( David
  4. That is simply the best description and expectation for the OFCC I've ever read. Well done Tal! On that note, I'm sad to say I can not make it this year due to the time. September just sucks for me. Sigh.... Team Glow in the Dark will have Carl Walther (VonWalther) as the Captain this year. I hope all will live up to the above quote and have a great time. David
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