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  1. I had a fun game against Purajh and his necrons. Good addition to the team!
  2. I'm glad I did not invest the time in the finishing off my DW then... sounds disappointing in 8e
  3. 0-5.... holy poop.... this shocks me...
  4. picture time... if I can shrink them down...
  5. Oh, I've seen the posts... I'm guessing his GF put a stop to them!
  6. I've not even looked at the rule book! and I don't have the Index...
  7. 7e ONLY - I've not played for a year (seriously), so I'm just coming for fun. 8e starts in August - with a new army
  8. cool. I just repainted the A-Club standard. Needs some new blood...
  9. sadly no... there will be death though. or chicken.
  10. bringing a variant of my "Cake or Death?" list from a few years ago. no flyers this time though - going "Old School"! this is my 7th (?) OFCC; previously been on a Marshall Johnson winning team (NWGG) and a Best Overall (Betty's FHs) team. I missed the goofing around last year, and I'm looking forward to NOT being a Captain! Jason Dyer A Club Underdogs 2017.pdf
  11. NOT Crystal Brush style please... the on-line voting component is an utter farce.
  12. you might want to proof read the package before you print it out... just sayin'
  13. Yes, GW are the only ones good enough to write them - as it is their IP... As for composition; it affects EVERYONE.
  14. Actually it is a perfectly fine answer... As for the specifics - changing RULES is GW's job, not a badly designed poll voted on by a limited community for their own selfish ends (yes). Why was the 2++ changed, why was invisibility nerfed? why was D toned down. Because people who got owned by those RULES fundamentally cried about it and did want to not lose. Ah, diddums! Now you get ITC, AdepticCon etc players who are able to tailor their lists knowing no big scary-nasty-monsters will be turning up to ruin their day. Trust me, the power level at AdeptiCon is [big bad swear word]ing disgusting. Yes, 20 D eldar weapons sucks... not going to argue that. However we are talking about OFCC, where fun is the rule and your have the HoGs checking lists for [big bad swear word]e like that. Eldar players now see no merit in taking a few D weapons they have little power (in relation to their army's ability) now. So, no, we don't need the errata "section" of the ITC-FAQ.
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