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  1. When I mix / max this list, like I do for real tourneys, it is a mixed battalion. With DJ Dreaming Shadow, and Solitaire is Midnight Sorrow. Not doing that for OFCC cause the list already has enough teeth without going full optimization.
  2. Well ain't that sum [big bad swear word]. I guess this ends my month and half quest to find something Ynarri even worth putting on the table.
  3. +++ OFCC Salt Clowns (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [99 PL, 1,999pts] +++ ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari - Harlequins) [81 PL, 1,686pts] ++ + No Force Org Slot + Masque Form: The Soaring Spite: Serpent's Blood + HQ + Shadowseer [7 PL, 125pts]: Shuriken Pistol, Soaring Spite: Skystrider, Warlord Troupe Master [4 PL, 84pts]: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Kiss Troupe Master [4 PL, 84pts]: Fusion Pistol, Harlequin's Kiss . . Faolchu's Talon + Troops + Troupe [5 PL, 106pts] . . Player: Harlequin's Blade, Shuriken Pistol . . Player: Harlequin's
  4. Does the 4 limit apply to dedicated transports? There are many factions that have smaller dedicated transports where more than 4 is common. Is there a reason this cannot just be reworded to be like GW official match play stance, but with rule of 4 rather than 3? That would remove confusion about this restriction.
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