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  1. First time trying a speed painting challenge. I... do not have the technique for speed painting yet. haha I also didn't to myself any favors with my choice of models. Here's as far as I got on my blightlord terminator in 30 minutes.
  2. Just noticed this thread. So here's the second half of my T'au kill team (mostly rescued models) that I've completed since the beginning of quarantine. Just finished the last mini this morning.
  3. I'd be up for learning how to play Warcry.
  4. I'll be swinging by with my usual Admech and GSC for some Killteam if anyone's down. I'd also be up for giving Necromunda a try if I wouldn't be getting in the way of the campaign.
  5. I'll be there 4:45-5ish for a round of Kill Team.
  6. I'll be showing up with my AdMech for some Kill Team if anyone is up for a game.
  7. I'll be swinging by with my Admech and either cultists or necrons for some Killteam if anyone's interested.
  8. I'm always down for kill team. I have about 125 pts of Necrons, GSC, and Admech.
  9. I'm down for some killteam with either my admech or GSC. I've got winner unless you two want to do a 3-way match.
  10. I'm up for a game of kill team. I have 125 pts of Admech, Genestealer Cults, and Necrons.
  11. I'm down for some Kill Team as well. I'll probably get there around 6ish.
  12. Anyone down for some Kill Team this Sunday? You'll have to put up with a fairly green player (I've only worked through a few partial games trying to teach it to friends), but I have Necrons, GSC, and Admech to bring.
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