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Car Stolen along with lots of 40K and WHFB

S.K. Ren

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I'm reposting this from DakkaDakka at their suggestion.


So yesterday my dad's car was stolen along with all his 40K and some WHFB stuff in his trunk. This happened in the Port Orchard, Washington area. At the moment I don't recall exact numbers on what was in there but he had

Small Brown case containing:
1 Scratch-built Warhound Titan (painted Brown)

Faux Brown Scaled-hide suitcase containing:
2 Furioso Librarian Dreads (Painted Red/Blue)
2 Mephiston, Lord of Death (1 Painted Bright Orange/Blue/red and the other partially painted with a heavily tanned face)
~25 Sanguinary Guard (5-10 painted Gold, the rest unpainted)
~40 Space Marines (All primed, 10 pained with Chalice Decals on shoulder and Gloss finish)
~5-10 Assault Marines (w/ Jump Packs)
10 Scouts w/ Snipers (primed black, most snipers broken)
1 Librarian w/ Force Sword (Unpainted)
1 Jump Pack Chaplain (Metal, Painted)
1 Vindicator (unpainted, Siege Shield)
3 Rhinos
1 Whirlwind (Both Standard and a Vertical launch scratch built)
100+ Arms (w/ Chains swords, Bolt Pistols, Infernus Pistols, Thunderhammers, etc)

Other Models
3 Attack Bikes (W/ Multi-meltas, Primed red)
16 assorted Space Marine Bikes (w/ 1 Chaplain and 1 Tech Marine, primed red/white and unprimed)
35 Terminators (Mix of Deathwing and Space Hulk Termies.)
1 Belial (Primed and washed)
1 Baneblade fully magnetized for all configurations (Unpainted)
1 Aegis Defense Line (w/ all pieces)

a small comic book box of WHFB Dwarfs
a small comic book box of Imperial Guard

Rulebooks with Disney princess stickers on them (to identify):
Apocalypse 5th and 6th Edition
Blood Angels 5th
Dark Angels 6th
Imperial Guard
Space Marines 5th and 6th
Stronghold Assault


The models that are painted are done so like Blood Angles but have brown robes. 99% of everything is magnetized as well

Now I know I can't accuse everyone I see selling some of these things of stealing them but if you happen so see someone selling a large collection of these all at once, let me know so I can take a look to confirm. I would greatly appreciate it. I'll update the list with more concrete numbers after I speak with my father again. Atm I don't have pictures but I will check and see if my father does.

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As an insurance agent my first exhortation is to make sure he makes a claim with insurance and make sure that you GET insurance, Renters insurance specifically with as low a deductible as possible, to cover such things.  


Renters pollcies are just such a no brainer for gamers.  I highly recommend them.  Feel free to hit me up with a PM if you want one in Oregon or Washington!  


They often do not pay for the painting service side of it but frankly given the cost of the hobby, I am certain most gamers will take the brand new models over the nothing that is the alternative.


Look in dumpsters and such around the immediate area.  


Pics of the items would help identify thenm on EBAY.  Even bad pictures are betterthan None.


Good luck my friend.

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