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Played my first game, question about Burna Boyz


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So I played my first real game of 6th ed last night against a great guy named Chris. We just played 750pts for me to wet my feet, I fielded Orks and he played marines. I was amazed at how much I had on the field compared to him. His dice betrayed him all night and that didn't help much. 


I have a question about Burna Boyz. The burna is said in the description to operate in two modes, template and close assault. However I can't find rules for the close assault mode at all. Do these exist?

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They are a "Power Weapon" in assault however you cant do both in the same turn so if you burn the group up prior to assaulting then you can use the power weapon feature.


As for the Power Weapon description check out the BRB pg 61 top of the page.You should probably decide with your opponent which of the 4 power weapons your burnas will represent before deciding to use this rule as theres many ways it can be interpreted.

Ive heared of players gluing on axe blades to the burnas so they can say its a power axe,heh.

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