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Attention Ordo Fanaticus Members Seeking Employment


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Hello Ordo Fanaticus,


My name is John Kersey and I'm the Internal Operations Manager of the Apprenticeship and Training Division (ATD) for the Bureau of Labor and Industries here in Oregon.  I also serve as the SAA Director for the Bureau's Department of Veteran's Affairs contract.  The reason for my post is that I have noticed that there are quite a few Ordo Fanaticus members that are looking for jobs and seeking a method to support their families.  


The Apprenticeship and Training Division is responsible for the registration of all Apprentices in the state of Oregon that are in registered trades.  An apprenticeship is an On-the-Job (OJT) program that consists of a combination of Related and Classroom Training as well as on the job experience performing the work.  


For those of you who do not know what an apprenticeship is, apprenticeship is an occupational training that combines supervised on the job training and classroom instruction towards a specific career.  The apprentice usually starts out at 50% of the wage of a Journeyman (those who have completed their training, received industry certification and have passed the exams) and most apprenticeship last anywhere from two to five years.  The apprentice wage increases per step as you progress through the program until the apprentice wage is equal to the journeyman wage and the apprentice is ready for graduation. 


An apprenticeship is run through an organized body called an "Apprenticeship Committee" which is comprised of both employees and employers of the trade and who have developed a structured curriculum to fully train apprentices in their chosen occupation.  These committees may be union, non-union, or mixed and are all supervised by the Apprenticeship and Training Division of the Bureau of Labor and Industries.  


So right now, there are several committees seeking people to become apprentices in their chosen trades.  The Apprenticeship and Training Division posts the "Opening Notices" (job postings) for each committee that has available spots.  I am encouraging anyone who is interested in finding a job doing skilled trade work to check out the ATD's website and apply for an apprenticeship through the committee of the job they are seeking.  I would also like to point out that the Journeyman wages of several of these occupations are very good.  On average you will find journey workers making around $30.00/hr on some jobs if not more.  


Now some of you are probably asking "What does John get from someone applying? Does he get a bonus if X amount of people sign up?"

The answer is no, I do not receive any compensation or acknowledgement.  I merely wish to provide an employment opportunity to those who are in need of a good career that will pay well and keep them buying models to play at OFCC!


Here is the link to the FAQ we have for Apprenticeship.  "What is Apprenticeship?"


Here is the link to the Opening Notices (Job Postings) for all our Committees: Apprenticeship Opportunities Statewide.


The Apprenticeship Opportunities Statewide table is organized as follows:
1st Column shows the Area (Portland Metro is Area 1, Salem Area is no.2, etc. if you click on the numbers it will pull up the State Regional Jurisdiction Map)

2nd Column displays the Program Description (Occupation) - Plumber, Electrician, etc...

3rd Column displays the Program's affiliation - Union, Non-union, Mixed.

4th Column displays the Master Agreement Number which is what we use to designate every committee.

5th Column displays the Location that you may physically apply for the position.

6th Column displays the Application Accepted section that will show the current job postings and contact method for each committee to apply for the apprenticeship.


To apply for a position merely contact the committee providing the opportunity and they will give you the instructions on how to apply.  This does not automatically guarantee you for a job as you must like other applicants be selected from a pool of other applicants.  


If you have any questions about these apprentice opportunities or wish to know more, you may contact me at work at 971-673-0772.  That is my office number and I'm more than happy to provide information on how to get a career in the trades started.


If you are a veteran, every registered apprenticeship with the Bureau of Labor and Industries is an Approved Facility.  That means you may also use your G.I.Bill benefits while serving as an apprentice.  You may also call me at the number listed above with questions about that as well.


As I said before, I receive nothing if you are brought into a program - I merely wish to see everyone in Ordo on their feet and happy.  I will also state that these programs and occupations pay very well, you merely need a high school diploma or a GED to qualify for most programs.  So feel free to give me a call and I'll be happy to provide whatever assistance I can.


Thank you and good luck Ordo!


John Kersey




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I just wanted to update this topic with the mention that we have had 4 Ordo Fanaticus members obtain gainful employment and have started a career in the Trades!


2 Inside Electricians

1 Sheet Metal Worker

1 Carpenter


Congrats on your new apprenticeship guys!


Committees are accepting applications guys and gals, if you are even remotely curious feel free to give them a call.  The committees for each trade's contact information will be on the link listed above.  


Again, good luck Ordo!

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