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The straight up Zond box would be a good way to go if you are doing Bakunin. Bakunin can do a lot of repeaters, markers and hacking device plus units which makes guided missile shenanigans a nightmare for your opponent. I think the regular Zond box has the GML remote and I think it also has a total reaction HMG remote in it too. This way if you go the GML route in your lists you have a little pillbox to defend your hacker bunker.

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I agree with Wiccus. HMG Total Reaction + HML Vertigo find a way into many of my lists. The GML is necessary for "Dirty Nomad" lists, but the total reaction HMG is useful in EVERY list. While all factions have access to it, the Nomad version gets Climbing Plus. WIth it's high movement, this makes it super easy to get the zond into a great firing position, where it can dictate opponent's movement. 3 HMG shots in a 360 radius is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, as Nomads, you're usually taking at least one hacker, so there's no "hacker tax".


After that, an EVO repeater zond is great if you're doing a hacker list. I've never used a Meteor Zond, but it should be good for the dirty Nomad list, or if you're facing lots of camo (what with it's sensor). 

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