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BelleWood Acres Distill Party

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I won the drawing to attend, I can't because I'll be at the Sounders game. Anyone want my tickets? I would need to know ASAP. IF you get any of it bottled for free, I would ask you'd share it with me. Else please go have a great time!


Distiller's Bottling Party


SATURDAY MARCH 8 2014 1pm - 5 pm


Be a part of history!


Admit it. You have always wanted to have the slightly illicit experience of bottling spirits in the back room. Now is your chance.


BelleWood Distilling and Events Center


is having a work party and we want you.


What's in it for you?


You will meet our distillation team


and be an active part of the process. You will enjoy a private tasting. You will imbibe in a few finely crafted cocktails. And...You will dine on hearth pan flatbreads and delicious salads.


cost of event: free

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