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Newbie and Newer Newbie @ GG 6/3


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My daughter and I are heading up to Guardian Games tonight. She's eager to learn to play with her shiny new Sylvaneth Start Collecting set and I'll be challenging her using my Ironjawz starter.

Anyone who wants to drop in to cheer her on (or cheer me on if you want) is more than welcome.

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19 hours ago, JamesCrane said:

Awesome. Wish I would have read this sooner. Let me know if you ever want to get a game in.

Indeed. I'll definitely try to mention it on here whenever I can. Our last outing was kind of spur of the moment.

8 hours ago, Pyre Warden said:

That's awesome, i saw your facebook post and commented. Is she still planning on painting cherry blossom themed sylvaneth? 

Oh yes, she's quite insistent upon it. Hopefully we can get the supplies we need this coming week and start painting them next weekend.

After all, her father has taken great pains to explain that painted models to more Sixes. It's a scientific fact. 

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