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  1. The only restrictions come in what cards you can have in your deck and what abilities affect what units. Other than that its good to go on using allies.
  2. I'm at 5k on a credit card for 48 hours. If he has to stay any longer I'll have to take out a personal loan
  3. I just Got out of the pet hospital. Been there all day. One dog had to get hospitalized and the other is on home medication. So i won't be in this weekend.
  4. I loved it. The biggest problem I've had in previous apoc games is that whoever has first turn usually devestates the opponent. With damage being done at end of turn instead of by each shot I find that everyone gets to use cool units for a minimum of a turn or two instead of not at all. Deepstriking is really strong. Tyranids can easily draw their whole deck each turn. It's a lot more fun than before
  5. The idea is to have to have a group of people make a group chapter. That is the idea, if I wanted to do a chapter like everyone else I wouldn't have posted this. Your comment contributed nothing to the conversation besides giving me an option I already knew I had.
  6. I've had a few primaris sitting around and recently had the idea of creating a community space marine chapter, primaris founding. The idea being that roughly 10 players come together and take ownership of a different company of the same chapter. One where the paint scheme and symbol and other details will be agreed upon. This would create the idea of recording battle reports, and having different company's showing precense in different parts of the world. It would also just be a fun project and a support group for getting painting done. What a
  7. I think I might try to swing by next week for some warcry. Waiting for my snake dudes to arrive.
  8. The morats are coming out of storage!!! I'm tired of playing TAK.
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