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7 minutes ago, splinx said:

Interested in the value of these Eben? What would your starting value or buy it now be on eBay? 

They vary wildly and I'm not going to split it down to individual models, but rough guide of ebay value

- Trikes / Bikes - $15 to 20

- Metal Dudes - $5-20


Rough List of Stuff:
- Exo Armored Trike with Lance
- 21 Mixed Trikes/Bikes painted/primed/bare
- 10 painted plastic squats
- ~47 Metal Squats (mix of eras, painted, primed, bare. Some have plastic arms, some are complete metal models)
- 6 Exo Arms (painted metal)
- Pile of Bike / Trike / Rider Bits
- Box of bits (Squat, RT plastics and bits of all eras)

There's about 79 dudes and I was conservatively placing BIN at $500. If you're legit interested, shoot me a pm and I'll make you a deal.

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