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W: Shadow War Armageddon templates, dice, and counters


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Like the title states, I am looking for all the extra stuff that came in the Shadow War box. I would like the templates, counters, and dice. If you have any suggestions on where I could acquire some of these items (if you don't have any to offer but have ideas. They don't have to be the box set stuff I was just trying to make it easy) that would be cool as well.

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27 minutes ago, necrontyr said:

I have a sheet of counters still unpunched. The templates and dice are normal 40k ones, just different size/color.

I can't find my flamer template and I can't find the other part of the dice set that isn't the scatter die aka the 2-10 die. I use to move quite a bit and my wife is one of those people who likes to "organize" things.

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