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OBBL Premiership Divisions


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Once again, the OBBL Premiership will be divided into two divisions, Orcidas and Bugman. Each division contains seven team, and was randomly determined. Coaches will play the other six teams in their division, and two randomly determined inter-divisional games. The divisions are:


  • kb10r: Garblat Greenskins, Orc
  • michaels: Calamitous Intent, Nurgle
  • Vraeden: Paddy's Pubcrawlers, Underworld Denizens
  • Rhuntar: Pleasant Pheasant Pluckers, Halflings
  • scotthartman: The Brothers Gory, Ogres
  • Frostitute: Boredom, Elf Union
  • Zorcon: Zharr'Thrak Seahawks, Chaos Dwarfs


  • peter.cosgrove: Fungis Amongis, Orc
  • savion47: The Mouse House Rejects, Dwarfs
  • jollyork: Gnarghull Gnash, Chaos Renegades
  • Weav: Baltimourkain Ravens, Vampire
  • Burk: Southland Reavers, Chaos Dwarfs
  • sbr: Tails of Yore, Lizardmen
  • drod: Dead Henchmen, Undead
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