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Selling WFB Empire lot


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Time to purge an army.  I have a metric crap ton of Empire.  All the brand new plastic.  Some glued, some still on sprue.  I don't remember the exact numbers, but here is my rough estimate:


24 knights

6 demigryphs

2 wagons (one started to be painted and done as celestial, the other still in box)

1 lord on griffin

couple of wizards

1 general on horse

1 helblaster

1 standard bearer

1 warrior priest

couple of cannons

big block of 40-ish halberdiers

20+ greatswords

20-ish crossbowmen/handgunners

20-ish swordsmen

10 pistoliers


Selling as a lot.  $500 cash gets it all.  I can bring the plastic tubs with all this to game night, or a PDX local game store for you to review.  Local only, not shipping this.





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