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Mike's East German Build Log - updated 2/23/18


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Made an update today: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2017/07/ddr-nva-build-log-progress.html

10 of 15 T72 are ready for primer.  Hail battery is ready for primer (kudos to BF for replacing my mangled first box).  BMP-1 are moving along.  Infantry box is opened and in the sort and clean phase...


Hail Hydra... errr... Galaxar... oh you get the idea...


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On July 27, 2017 at 11:27 AM, barca said:

Always like that blog.

Look forward to seeing the NVA on the table...Tanksgiving event, maybe?

That's the plan at this point.  Was going to try and get them ready for the Fulda Gap event, but I've had too much business travel and thing going on at work...

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I am currently working on a TY Team Tanksgiving event.  So far I have a date and place.

November 18th, Oregon City Geeks and Games.

Still working out the rest but looking for Veterans (those with at least 120 pts of stuff to make 2 forces for one side) and Recruits (those that don't have any or enough stuff but want to play & learn).

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Here is the latest on painting my East Germans - the good news is I'm making some progress, the bad news is it looks like I'm going to have to continue to borrow and proxy for the first few rounds of the Firestorm Campaign... but I did manage to get real live paint on figures this week!



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I think the suggested basecoat color was a little odd too. But then I realized that it might be the color of the 'drops' that they're emphasizing over the base color of the uniform. A mostly light beige mini would look odd. I'd maybe mix a little Iraqi Sand into the base color, if I ever get around to doing any DDR stuff (which I should, I have two of the Soviet starter boxes sitting around doing nothing). 

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For the less artist people, OG has the PRP3 SMALL FRED BMP-1 in white metal:

          BMP1 PRP3 Small Fred
          Product ID: PW-743B

          The OG packaging for 15mm vehicles is usually 3 per pack, so I assume the $25 package would include 3 x PRP3

This system is known by several designations:

  • "Mobile Reconnaissance Post (Artllery)" (English translation of the Russian)
  • "PRP-3"
  • "BMP M1975" (NATO designation)
  • "Val"
  • Ob'yekt 767, 1ZhZ

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMP-1_variants#Artillery_reconnaissance_vehicles

Distribution is:

  • one per Howitzer Btry and
  • one per Artillery Reconnaissance Battery

source: FM 100-2-3 The Soviet Army Troops, Organization and Equipment, pp. 4-16, 4-54, 4-59



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Haven't posted in a while, but the first company of infantry are almost done!!!  I posted my full "how to" guide over on the blog...
Here are a few teaser photos (I was using my phone camera, so the pictures aren't as good as I'd like)
Now I need to Dullcote the infantry and get the grass on the bases.  I'll post more (and better) photos once that's done.
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I thought about calling this edition of the blog "Hold My Beer, I'm Gonna Try Somethin'," but you'll get the idea. My T-72 tanks had a naked lower glacis, which required attention... so... I ... well.... Let's just say it involves chemistry and leave it at that...
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Who likes more detail on their T-72 turrets?  Me!!!!
I blame the Breakthrough Assault guys for this one... well, at least partially... I sort of knew in my mind that I had to do something about the under-detailed smoke launchers on the front of the T-72 turret, but I wasn't sure what... then I hit their blog, and the rest as they say is history.
Of course, Blog Entry 1 didn't have the in progress photos, so there's Blog Entry 2:
Sort of looks like a bug...
At least until you get the wires bent around...
Hoping to get these done this week so they can get primed like the rest of the hull and tracks already are...
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With all of the work I've been doing on the T-72s, don't think for a moment I've completely neglected my NVA BMPs. I didn't go completely mad like with the T-72, but honestly the kit is pretty solid, so I really didn't NEED to and could focus on the one problem area - the fairly naked front! 
 For the top tie downs, I used 0.015" x 0.02" strip styrene. I eyeballed the length, but it is about 0.08". The flaps are made from 0.01" x 0.1" strip, and the length is about 0.135" - again eyeballed based on photos and the kit itself. The circles are cut from 0.01" thick sheet and are punched with a 0.048" punch from my sub-micron set. Placement is by eye based on photos.  
 More detail at: 

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Achieved breakthrough over the break on the NVA - no they're not done, but I can see a pathway and the techniques are providing the desired result!  

I'm using the Ammo of MIG Black and White technique on these - so everything gets pre-shaded. I'm starting with the T-72s and BMPs as that's about half of the force... then "everything else" gets done.






I then use panzer putty to mask the camouflage:




Then the weathering (photo doesn't even BEGIN to do it justice):



More on the blog:  http://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2017/12/nva-build-log-painting-progress-on-t-72.html

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Finally got some decals that work!!!  Peddinghaus to the rescue!
Peddinghaus 1/87 vs. Battlefront vs. custom 1/100 from Peddinghaus!
On a vehicle!
Hoping to have the T-72s done by the end of the weekend... then just need to find the battery charger for the good camera!
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