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Storm of Heroes on Twitch TV


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I'm in the Alpha.  It's a fun game.  It's very different so far from DOTA/LoL, etc from what I can gather.  Mostly because unless you're in a group of friends, there's no way to guarantee what you get as far as jobs.  However, the matchmaking is something they said that they're working on, so I figure that's going to change, mostly because if you choose a popular hero, it can take a little while to find a game right now.


There's no real "job" per se.  Supports and tanks don't do tons of damage, however, you can kit your guy out pretty well once you reach I think it's level eight and you get more options per level.  There's no jungling though, which might disappoint some people, but I'm quite fine with it.


The different maps (four right now) are pretty sweet.  I think that there is balance coming in some of them, but for the most part they're good because there's a couple of ways of strategy.  

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