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Fate of Konor


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Fate of Konor is the interactive 6 week campaign that is happening right now from Games Workshop. Each persons results will be added to the total results that will affect the current and future story line and 40K universe. The campaign is running from July 27th until Sept 10th.

The Phoenix Nest was selected to participate in this world wide event. To give Sean a break to recover and not have to run everything, James and I (Rob) will be coordinating this event. We are already in the first week that ends Tomorrow. We are getting started late because we were focused on OFCC.

Each week will affect the fate of a single planet with a new planets fate being decided every week. Each weeks starts on Thursday.

The way the points go is simple:

There is a mission each week: (James has the mission at the store)

  • If you have the Imperium faction key word and you score a win you get a point for the Imperium.
  • If you have the chaos faction key word and you score a win you get a point for Chaos.
  • Xenos factions if you score a win you can choose to take a point AWAY from either Imperium or Chaos.

Wait there's more.......

Starting from within the past 3 weeks (7/6/17) until the end of the campaign you can also earn a point for your faction for each unit (think single box) that you have or will assemble and paint. Xenos will be able to subtract a point for each unit (think single box) that the have or will assemble and paint.

And that's not all.....

Each week has a theme unit for that week.

If you have or will assemble and paint the theme unit of the week between 7/6/17 and the end of that units theme week you will score 2 points instead of one.

If you use the theme unit of the week during that weeks mission and you win you score 2 points. The theme unit you are using in the mission has to be painted.

Xenos if you do the same (build / paint or win) with the theme unit you get to subtract 2 points for the faction of your choice for each activity as well.

The themes of the week are:

  • Week 1: Start collecting box / Space Marine Box
  • Week 2: Elite battle field role units
  • Week 3: Vehicles
  • Week 4: Psyker battle field role units
  • Week 5: Fast attack or Flyers battle field role units
  • Week 6: Scenery box or Lord of War battle field role units

Each week there is a unique strategem card you will receive just for playing the mission that week. There is a new strategem for each week.

For each week you score a mission win you will receive a pin for that weeks mission. There is a new pin to win each week.

You will also be given a score card to tally your points for the campaign. If you earn 6 paint points and 6 battle points you will earn a 40k wrist band.

We also have 12 overall prizes as well for various categories. Each winner in one of the 12 categories will win a certificate and a campaign dice bag.

The categories are:

  • Tank Commander - Best painted tank
  • Tank Hunter - Killed the highest point value tank
  • Best New Army - only newly painted models during the judging time frame counts for this one
  • Best Painted Army : Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards for this category - no time limit on when they were painted
  • Master of the Warp - this will be awarded to the psyker that had the single most pivotal effect on a game during the entire campaign. (think single dice roll by your psyker) Tell James the heroic tales of your psyker in battle throughout the campaign and he will determine the winning psyker.
  • Luckiest Shot - same kind of criteria as the psyker but for any pivotal shooting attack by any unit. Tell James your "shot heard round the universe" during the campaign and he will determine the true "shot heard round the universe"
  • Total Victory - Person with the most campaign mission win points
  • Best Warlord - Best painted warlord
  • Fighter Ace - Killed the most flyer units with a flyer
  • Lord of War - Best painted Lord of War

The painting awards will be judged on Saturday Sept 9th. Bring your models down to the nest. Everyone in attendance will vote for their top 3 picks in each category in order of 1st through 3rd. The votes will be counted and the winner will be decided by you our Phoenix Nest Community.

You can play the weekly mission anytime during week at the store. If it is not Sat / Wed you will have to check with James to see if there is room and coordinate the time with your rival of your choosing. Unless the mission states otherwise, you and your opponent mutually agree on a point total for the mission.

As you score points throughout the week please tell James or myself so we can tabulate them. At the end of the week, we will mark the fate of the planet on the poster in the store based on the results of the Phoenix Nest Community only. The planet will either stay in the control of the imperium or fall to the corruption of chaos.


Lets have some fun.......


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Our final day of the campaign is tomorrow. We will have the paint judging tomorrow at 8PM so have your stuff there that you want to be judged by then. Remember if you win in one category you will not win in a 2nd category to give a chance for others to win.

Here is the mission for tomorrow:

The long fought battle is coming to an end for the entire zone. Both forces have been evenly matched and the tides of battle have seesawed back and forth. One last final push is on. To the victors goes the entire spoils.

Both sides are fighting for control over key vital fortifications to ensure their ability maintain control over the region.


The Armies:

Due to the importance of this final push multiple armies have been dispatched to the region. This will be a 2 player on 2 player game. If your warlord has the IMPERIUM key word you can ally with another IMPERIUM or XENOS player. If your warlord has the CHAOS key word you can ally with another CHAOS or XENOS player. This represents the XENOS are in the region to sway the result for their own agenda and seek spoils for their own selfish gain.


The Battlefield:

Deployment: Dawn of War

Each battle field will have a fortification placed in the center of the battlefield. This is the Primary Objective.

There will 2 secondary objective markers. Each one will be placed 18 inches from the center of the fortification and short table edge and 24 inches from the long table edge. (This will form a line along the center of the table with the fortification) These secondary objectives represent flanking the fortification and cutting off or securing supply routes.



Each team rolls off to determine who will deploys first. (A Command point can be used to re-roll this once)

The winning team will decide if they will deploy first or second.

Each member of the team deploying first will deploy a single unit each. Then the other team will deploy one unit for each member. Teams will continue to take turns deploying as above till all units are deployed.


First Turn:

The team that finishes deploying first will get a +1 to the roll to determine first turn. (A Command point can be used to re-roll this once)

The winning team will decide if they will go first or second.

Team going second can choose to seize the initiative on a roll of 6+. (A Command point can be used to re-roll this once)

Fortifications Protocol:

The fortification uses the rules for the Imperial Bastion with the following exception:

Fortification is only equipped with 4 heavy bolters.

Automated Weapons will only work when the fortification is occupied.

If destroyed a 3rd secondary objective marker is put in its place when it is removed.


Orbital bombardment:

Due to the large fleets that have amassed during this long war, both sides have access to their orbital fleets for support.

At the start of each teams player turn they can call in an orbital strike.

Team picks 1 of the 4 quarters of the board. The orbital strike will hit one of the units in that quadrant chosen at random. This represent the imprecision of a non targeted / guided strike from orbit.

If the team has a unit embarked in the fortification the orbital strike will precisely hit a single unit of their choice. This represents the use of all the communications relays and targeting computers in the fortification to target and guide the strike from orbit.

Orbital Bombardment will do D3 mortal wounds to the unit hit.



“Look, I can do more then play solitaire with this tablet!”

A unit will setup a mobile command computer and use it to target and guide a precision orbital strike.

3 CP – Pick one friendly unit at the start of your player turn. That unit cannot move, use psychic powers, shoot, or fight until the start of your next player turn. At the start of your next player turn this unit will have called in a precision orbital strike. Pick 3 enemy units, each unit will suffer D3 mortal wounds. This will count as your orbital strike for the player turn it hits.

All stratagem cards handed out during the campaign can be used as well.


Battle Length:

At the end of turn 5 roll a D6, on a 4+ the game continues. (A Command point can be used to re-roll this once by either team)

At the end of turn 6 roll a D6, on a 6+ the game continues. (A Command point can be used to re-roll this once by either team)

At the end of turn 7 the game ends.


Victory Conditions:

If the fortification is still on the field it is worth 4 points to the team with a unit embarked.

Each secondary objective is worth 2 points.

Slay the Warlord is worth 1 point.

First Blood is worth 1 point.

Linebreaker is worth 1 point.

Points are scored per team. The team with the most points win.

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