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Miniature Painting Contest


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Miniature Painting Contest at The Portland Game Store!

Bring your figure(s) for any of the categories listed below. Entries will be accepted until 10:00pm on August 3rd. Judging by popular vote of The Portland Game Store customers will take place on August 4, 5, and 6. Prizes of $50 Gift Certificates will be awarded for the most votes in each category.


• Single: All single 25mm-35mm scale models. Model should be on an appropriately sized base.

• Unit: Groups of two to twelve miniatures grouped together as a cohesive unit. Entry should follow legal games system rules where available. It is suggested you use some form of tray for loose units, but is not required.

• Large Models/Vehicles. This category is open to all large models, vehicles and monsters. This covers Dragons, chariots, war machines, tanks and all large ridden monsters. Models should be mounted on an appropriately sized base..

Entries must be submitted in person by the painter and must be the work of the painter submitting them. Entries must not have been used in prior competitions.

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