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Anyone playing Epic, Necromunda, or Mordheim in Washington?


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Hi there,


I grew up playing GW specialist games even more frequently than 40k, and I miss them. A few months ago I got all my Epic armies back (IG, Marines, Chaos, plus basic set Orks and Eldar) and it would be fun to play again.


I'd love to do a Necromunda campaign, in fact my IG 40k army hails from Necromunda. I'm also willing to learn Mordheim and have enough models for it, as long as no one does 16 skaven slaves with slings it should be fun. 


Space Hulk is another option, and I have a bunch of good board games. I'll try Blood Bowl, Dreadfleet, Deadzone, Kill Team, or whatever skirmish type game you have. I prefer non historical though so I don't have to look at swastikas.;)


We'd have to make sure we agreed on what ruleset version to use and maybe do a couple house rules for balance.


Transportation is hard for me at the moment but I can host in Maple Valley, and I am a prolific terrain builder.  

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The only rules I have for Epic are the old ones. Is there a difference in editions worth talking about? I haven't played since the 90's.


Mordheim min maxing...yeah that's why I mentioned house rules and the skaven slings thing. Part of the fun of skirmish games is having individual guys with names and unique equipment, so I would want some kind of no spam enforcement, and a discussion on broken combos.


Necromunda seemed pretty balanced overall except swords gave an unfair advantage.

Much to our amusement, with the skavvy gang it was cheaper to hire a new skavvy and eat him than it was to provide rations.


For Mordheim I have enough stuff I could put together an empire, chaos, or skaven band. I'm not sure if they have orcs and wood elves but I have those models too.


I still want to construct a burned out inn someday with warpstone glowing in the basement, or maybe a ruined alchemy lab.

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