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Dark Elves: Too much for me


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Starter Dark Elf army for sale. Between work, family and 40K I don’t have enough time or money to pick up an additional hobby. I purchased all this stuff with the intent of delving into fantasy but think I will just stick with the round bases. My loss is your gain. I am open to Tau or Space Marine trades but cash is king, $170.00 for the lot. Its a STEAL!


1 (Unopened) recent Hydra model

1 Painted Sorceress.

1 (Unopened)  Deck of Dark Elf Magic Cards

1 Dark Elf Army Book

1 Warhost of Naggaroth. I have assembled 20 Spearmen from this set. It wouldn’t take much work to pull them apart and turn them into Crossbowmen.

1 (Unopened) Movement tray kit


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