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Necromunda / Star Wars Destiny for sale


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Have a bunch of newer Necromunda stuff I"m looking to clear out, will get pics as I have time:

Underhive Badzone Delta 7 NIB (shrink wrapped) - $30
Gang War 2 book  - $20
Goliath Dice, Orlock Dice - $9 each
or $60 for the lot

Star Wars Destiny

4 starter sets (Boba Fett, kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, and Rey), new in box. $10 each.
2 Player Starter Set NIB - $20
$40 for all 4 starters and 2 player starter.

Meet up in Vancouver (WA) for exchanges. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. Possibly willing to do some trades or partial cash / trades for unpainted 2E Malifaux stuff, anything Outcasts that I don't own, possibly other crew boxes outside of faction, just LMK what you have.

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10 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:

So I lied, I will probably not make it down tot he gamer garage sale, have a dance recital that morning (not mine). BUT I will be at Guardian around 10:45am, if anyone wants to do a meetup there.

Need someone to sell your stuff for you at the GGS? 😉

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Consolidated my two threads, added lot price to remaining Necromunda stuff. Price on Destiny stuff reduced.

I'm busy on Saturday until probably at least 1, but if there is some interest in one (or both) of the lots, I can try to make it down to Guardian or the Ordo Garage sale that afternoon to drop stuff off.

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