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Forge world list legality?


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Faced it in that planetary empires campaign. If not allowing escalation/super heavies, that one should be reasonably balanced.


EDIT: OFCC is allowing the FW units and lists.

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Most of the tournaments I've seen don't allow them for whatever reason. I'm actually much more fine with the FW army lists than FW units as a whole, though; none of them are really "broken" in any particular way, and I think only the Necron one is even arguably better than its parent list- most of them are, in fact, significantly worse.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Seems this is more of accessibility and familiarity issue as to why no.  Not so much a balance issue, but I read a post that made a lot of sense.  By playing an unknown list you are more likely to be taken advantage of, secondly a TO might be put in a hard spot where they are unfamiliar and make an uninformed ruling.


With that said, I'm all for it, it is fun playing lists you have no clue about and adapting as you go :).

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