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I found the ork way to deal with the rules craziness


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I figured out the deff skullz way of dealing with all the shenanigans, custom stompa and a green tide. Put down a ton of models and one uber model. Throw tons of dice and watch things die on both sides. 


It's not a great army, but it might win. Hiding and reserves will win you the game, but the victory in the war will still be on the ork sides as you didn't face it head on lol. 


Plus, I get to add a ridiculous amount of guns to my stompa.

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Hello there,




I don't play for anyone but me.  I play my themed army and if I "lose" so what... how do you "lose" in having fun?  I play the game, I have a good time with my opponent and I enjoy the hobby that brings me joy and satisfaction.  If I get tabled, it'll be a cool story and give me the impetus for working on the counterattack next game!


My son and I just started an ork army.  It's gonna have a tide of orks and lots of trukks.  They just want a proper fight and that's what they'll do.  If it isn't the "list of the month" or the list that brings me the best chance of "winning," so be it.  'Cause it'll be an epic time and having fun is what it's about.


Stay safe,



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