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New fortress Europe book and return of late war.


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I have noticed several changes in Late war.

1) Tigers are better then panthers.

2) Germans will be using AAA 88;s more, 12 points for 4 is great.

3) a new rule limited 1    for germans any one model can use a panzerfaust each round, not the whole unit.

4) British 17pdrs are cheap AT 14 range 36inches. Fireflies are amazing.

5) Churchhills are very good for points.

6) Tank companies are more playable now then ever.

What are your thoughts/ ideals?

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I just perused the changes in Soviet forces, a bit in Ami's, and a bit on the Germans:

Overall points reductions for tanks means that force lists of 2 or more formations are more likely than before.


  • Arty: same points, skill got better. Now 4+ vs 5+
  • Infantry: a bit more expensive (1-2 pts per company, but Skill got better)
  • AT guns: cheaper. 57mm gun unit now reasonably priced
  • Heavy tanks = mostly same stats, but much, much cheaper.  Guards Churchills are a must.
  • T-34 companies can mix 76 and 85mm guns in same company. This and pts reduction might make T-34 formations viable.
  • Light tank companies got smaller: Valentines and T-70s limited to 7 tanks per co.
  • SU-85: much cheaper.
  • Some Specialized infantry units not avaialble yet: No Penal/Shtraf company. Assault company not an option.

US: American Sherman company: M4 cheap enough to get 17 shermans, plus all the company formation support, plus 4x M10s, plus rifle platoon for 99 pts.


  • Mixed Pz III/IV company: 10 Pz IV, plus 3 Panthers plus grenadier platoon with buffs = 99 pts.
  • Tigers got a lot cheaper.
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14 hours ago, phyfor88 said:


3) a new rule limited 1    for germans any one model can use a panzerfaust each round, not the whole unit.


So this is how it is formatted now, interesting. In past V2 & V3, I Think the Normandy german platoons were modeled with with 6xMG teams, then choose either Cmd Knacker or Cmd Faust team.  I wouldn't be surprised come bagration that the LIMITED 1 rule would be taken out. 

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2 hours ago, ZEKE said:

Almost seems like points levels will be more about 65-85 for normal games.   50 at low end and 100 at high end.

Yeah, the podcasts from the guys at NoDiceNoGlory often mention FoW tournaments where the points are much lower than 100.

They have also discussed escalation and de-escalation tournaments.

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