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Any interest in a Kill Team narrative campaign?

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Once Gorka-Morka wraps up I thought it would be fun to run a Kill Team campaign that was way more story driven than we usually do.

I'd like to encourage conversions, backgrounds, character buildups etc.

Keep the point small, at 100-125, but allow low level commanders as "warband" leaders, and faction mixing to represent various mercenary bands, Inquisitorial agents, pirates, fringe cults and other ne're do-wells vying for some forgotten prize deep in the backwaters of the galaxy. 

If there is enough interest I'll get something official worked out with the Senate.

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4 hours ago, Sgt. Rock said:

Potentially... I assume there would be limits placed on cross-faction warbands, i.e., no Chaos mixing with Space Marines, stuff like that?

Depends.  Might just be a radical inquisitor.  

The point would be to create a good story. I would say anyone who min-maxes their warband would have a hard time finding a game

besides, I'm just reaching for interest right now

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