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H: Space Wolf Army W: $$$


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As the title says, I have a Space Puppies army that's pretty much just gathering dust.  Most of it is painted pretty well in a pre-heresy scheme/13th Company scheme, but I just don't have time for multiple armies for a game I hardly play.  Every single model in the force is converted in some way whether that's just kitbashing, extensive putty work, or both.  Really, it was a labor of love.  As you can see in the pictures below there are a few models that are only half done as I never did get around to finishing them, but I can definitely provide you with both the list of paints I used and how to produce the results I got as I tend to keep detailed records for army painting.  Hell, if you really like it I can even finish the few remaining models for a very modest fee, but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.  


Below are the complete pictures and I'm looking for a straight cash trade of $400 for the whole lot shipped.  I'd also be willing to drive it down to meet in person from anywhere between Lacey and Bellingham, WA if that's more convenient.  I'm not willing to split the lot up, but I am open to haggling/minor trades to even things out although I am mainly looking for cash and not additional ish to let collect dust.  Still, I'm open to talks so feel free to shoot me an offer.


Complete List of Models:




1xConverted Wolf Priest/Njal  (painted)


-Terminator Armor


1xWolf Priest (base unfinished)

-Power Armor


Logan Grimnar (bare metal, not pictured)

-2xFenrisian Wolves (painted, bases unfinished)




5xWolf Guard (painted, bases unfinished)

-3xCombi-melta+Power Fist, 1xTerminator w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher, 1x Mark of the Wulfen


5xWolf Scouts (painted, bases unfinished)

-1xMeltagun, 1xMark of the Wulfen


1xWolf Scout (unfinished)




23xGrey Hunters (painted, bases unfinished)

-3xWolf Standard, 3xMark of the Wulfen, 3xMeltagun


7xGrey Hunters (unfinished)


-1xWolf Standard, 1xFlamer


2xRhinos (painted)


Fast Attack:


1xLand Speeder (painted, base unfinished)

-Detachable Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer 


5xBikers (painted, bases unfinished)

-1xDual Wolf Claws, 1xPower Fist, 1xMeltagun, 1xAttack Bike with Multi-metla 


Heavy Support:


6xLong Fangs (painted, bases unfinished)

-5xMissile Launchers


6xLong Fangs (painted, bases unfinished)

-5xMissile Launchers


Rough Price from GW:  $600.  I'll of course throw in all the sprues I can still find for customization along with the current book and a squad of Assault Marines that need stripping/painting over to match the scheme free of charge.


A link to the gallery is below.  Thanks for the look!



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No prob!  I used mostly Vallejo paints for these guys.



-Base German Fieldgrey WWI

-Dark Bluegrey over that

-Nuln Oil wash (although it was Badab Black at the time)

-Edge highlights of Medium Grey



-Whatever brass I had at hand

-Wash with purple wash

-Highlight with brass mixed with with the Vallejo Air Silver


Since that's probably all you're asking for I'll stop there (especially as things get a little "whatever paint is closest" at that point).

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