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Beastmen Errata

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I haven't played Warhammer in almost 2 years.  Finally in a place that I can start getting back in to hobbies again, looking to the fall escalation league.  A couple days ago I checked to see if there was a new Errata for my favorite army and came across this.  From what the original poster said on Warseer (I think it was, anyhow) they were trying to alter the book enough to fit in better with 8th ed.  Just curious if anyone has seen/uses this? 


On a side note, any idea how many books are left till the Beasts get one?  I know a ton of the others are finished.


Edit: I found the thread again - http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?329292-Beastmen-Revision

Beastmen Errata Final.pdf

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