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W: Eldar Vehicles, DE Bits H: $$$, Warmachine


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Just putting it out there, in case someone has a need for money or a bunch of Khador...

I want to pick up Eldar (CW, DE, Harley) vehicles.

Fireprism/Nightspinner, Falcon, Wave Serpent, Vyper, Crimson hunter/Hemlock, Forgeworld tanks (hornet specifically)

Voidweaver, Starweaver, Skyweaver

Razorwing, Voidraven, Venom


As for DE bits, I am trying to create my own Dark Reapers, and I think the infantry held Dark Lances of Splinter Cannons are probably the best looking stand in gun. I am also looking for some Kabalite Warriors for various kit bashes. 

Here's the catch, I'm not looking for painted models. I am hoping to do some hobbyism on the majority of this stuff, so hopefully it's bare plastic. I understand this is a long shot, but I might as well toss it out there. Someone might have a vehicle box collecting dust on a shelf, and choose to liquidate it for some of the new model releases. 
I can do paypal for shipped stuff, or meet in the PDX Metro with cash, for a socially distant swap. 

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