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Basic D&D, Moldvay-style

Aaron W

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Thain Blackhill

Name: Thain Blackhill
Class: Dwarf    
Level: 1    
Hit Points: 9    
Armor Class: 5
Alignment: Neutral
XP: 0    
Sex: Male    
Age: 50    
Height: 4'1"    
Weight: 165 lbs.

STR: 16        To Hit: 2    To Dam: 2    Open Doors: 2
DEX: 16        AC Mod: -2    Initiative: 1    Missile Adj: 2
CON: 13       HP Adj: 1
INT: 13         Add Langs: 1    Able to read and write known languages
WIS: 8           Save vs. Magic: -1
CHA: 9          Reaction Adj: 0    Retainers: 4    Retainer Morale: 7
THAC0: 19          

Saving Throws 
Breath Attacks:                       13    
Poison or Death:                     8    
Petrify or Paralyze:                10    
Wands:                                      9    
Spells or Spell-like Devices: 12

Skills:           Hunting, Nature Lore, Navigation, Quick Draw, Stealth (mountains/hills)
Languages: Common, Neutral, Dwarvish, Goblin, Gnome, Kobold, Bugbear

Weapons:      Dagger; Hand Axe; Shortbow (and twenty arrows); Sword
Armor:           Leather Armor
Equipment:   Belt; Cloak, Long; Clothes, middle-class; Mirror; Pouch, Belt; Quiver; Sack, small; Tinder Box; Waterskin

Eldest of three children, Thain Blackhill hails from the forested foothills that surround the great mountain kingdoms of the dwarves. For generations, his clan has served as border guards and lookouts for his kinfolk under the mountain. Thain is fair-skinned, auburn-haired, and very well read, rarely without a book or two tucked into his travelling kit. Now that his two younger brothers have gotten old enough to assist his father in the family's watch (and before his father gets too old) Thain has opted to travel a bit, seeking fortune and glory.

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