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9th Age Where to Start

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Hello all. 

This pandemic has been a pain for sure.  Well I been wanting to play some old fantasy battles for a while now.  I was looking at the 9th age forums.  I am in no rush per say to get in a game right away.  As I am waiting for things to clear up.  I did have some questions though.  What is the average game size?  Like I think 8th fantasy was 2400 if I recall right.  

Then on top of it all.  I am unsure what one I want to do more.  A Vampire Counts army, converted from High and Wood Elves.  That or one of the Undying Dynasties, most like a terracotta army.  As I really like the crocodile game miniatures and they would look amazing painted up as statues.   They have a few really cool looking factions.  Only down size is these are pewter.  
Any suggestions would help out a lot. Thanks guys.  

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Hello! So as for game size, the standard game size is 4,500 points. Now that sounds like a lot, but points in 9th are roughly double what they were for 8th edition, so it's about the equivalent of playing a 2250 point game in 8th edition.

As far as what army to play, it really comes down to what you want to play; The power levels of armies don't vary as wildly as they did in 8th; army books are a lot closer together in how well they can preform on the tabletop.

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