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  1. I wanted to provide an update. I get a few hours most nights to paint. So far I got the green body, mouth/tongue and bones all highlighted and done on my zombie dragon. I have the wings and green scales to finish highlighting. Then I am going to pick out the vines that are all over the body and going to paint the critters etheral looking. Figured that would do the trick. Then of course will work on the base after that.I also managed to get what I was told was a mixed up lot of 29 glade riders. Turns out I managed to get 24 out of it. Will need to get some more calvary bases though. Still think thats a pretty respectable amount for what it was. It also came with some extra bits. Mainly I got 7 sword arms from it. I am going to take 20 of these and paint them up etheral to be my hexwraiths. I am going to take the extra ones and see about finding some mounted elf models or bits, and make a wight and a mounted vampire or two. Maybe a necromancer also.On top of that. I also got 2 unopened boxes of hexwratith/black knights, and 2 boxes of skeletons. I also got 24 glade guard on sprue, along with 10 more that I need to stripe the very thick white primer off. Also going to see if I can get the arms off. If not thats not a problem, will be cutting into them also. Then finally I have one of the spellweaver models. This one is resin and has some paint on it. Which also needs to be stripped.
  2. Well got the dragon put together. A little disappointed that I didnt get all the gaps filled in right. Thought I did. Way easier once you get some primer on it though. Still unsure if I should try to fill them in or just give up. I might paint it look like its a wound. Of course some among the tail. I really think I should try to fill it in. As it looks bad. Also the barbarian miniature came in.
  3. Did you pin this model? I am considering pinning and using JB weld like I did with the penitent engines. I think the old SoB penitent engines where the worst of the old GW metals. As much as I loved the old sister models. New ones are top notch. I ended up with a love hate relationship with GW metal after painting those over a span of 10 years by stripping and repainting them 3 times.
  4. Well wouldnt be much of a paint and building blog without an update. I received a copy of the 309 White Dwarf. Funny I found my original copy the same day on the bookshelf. I am going to be attempting a winter woodlands theme. As one of my goals with new armies is to always go behind the last. To this I end I have also gotten hold of a green twilight dragon. Looking forward to zombing this up. Sadly only thing that will be making the wings looking tattered, and maybe some gashes along the body. As I forgot the model was mostly metal. Paint colors I think I am going to try to use the following colors. Light blues, greys, browns, some greens, and white. I am hoping I can come up with a muted look. First up is going to be the green dragon as she has arrived first.
  5. Hi Ish, I never heard of that company before. I took a look and cringed. They look decent enough the model range. I would use for a dnd game or pathfinder for sure. I think the sculpting of GW this spoiled me as they have improved vastly over the 20 years since I been interested in warhammer. I am definitely going the route of Wood elves, with possibly other factions among the skeletons I am planning on making. I got shadow warrior sword arm bits on the way, a box of glade guard so far. Then thinking of snagging up the green dragon with the twin sisters. Use that as a zombie dragon or terrorgist along with the riders as vampire characters. Looking forward to this project.
  6. Heya everyone, I decided to take the dive into 9th age. As well I really miss old warhammer fantasy and GW is in my opinion taking to long to do Warhammer legends. This army concept is one that has been floated in my head for a long time. Ever since I got hold of the October 2005 copy of White Dwarf. Issue 309 if anyone remembers this one. I have managed to find a brand new spanking copy of it on ebay as I dont know where I placed mine. Well what this White Dwarf has in it, was two different vampire counts armies made from other armies. A wood elf and orc army. I have scouted out some potential models to use as well seeing the current GW range is pretty limited and or way too expensive. Hope to update with pictures and how this project is moving along. As I dont think I been in a position tell recently to give this idea justice or do it right. This pandemic has been a pain but I think this will be a great army project for me. I am considering using this model here. Be my head vampire, I am going to use the Lamina bloodline and a wood elf army as a base. I am unsure if I want to mix in dark and high elves, or other races. As well vampires will raise anything.
  7. Hello all. This pandemic has been a pain for sure. Well I been wanting to play some old fantasy battles for a while now. I was looking at the 9th age forums. I am in no rush per say to get in a game right away. As I am waiting for things to clear up. I did have some questions though. What is the average game size? Like I think 8th fantasy was 2400 if I recall right. Then on top of it all. I am unsure what one I want to do more. A Vampire Counts army, converted from High and Wood Elves. That or one of the Undying Dynasties, most like a terracotta army. As I really like the crocodile game miniatures and they would look amazing painted up as statues. They have a few really cool looking factions. Only down size is these are pewter. Any suggestions would help out a lot. Thanks guys.
  8. I never worked with death guard before. So I am unsure if I could match that myself. Does look like he used an air brush ? Air brush is something I dont have the work space for. I can ask around though. I am unsure what happened to some of the others that actually did some commission work in and around Salem. I do get the lack of time though. You can send me a private message if you like. I can send you examples of what I have painted before. I cant guarantee anything though.
  9. Its great to see this. With work reducing hours. There is no room in the budget for these nice goodies. =(
  10. Thank you. I hope to see everyone again this year. I really like this event.
  11. Thank you, Ninefinger. I didn't get the impression from any of the posts that people where being grumpy. I know I was kinda bummed upon seeing it though. I can understand where you guys are coming from as organizers though. For us the players though. I still feel that we where not given an aqueduct amount of time to know these changes. This will be my 5th OFCC event. With 3 of them being in the 40k team format. I think that this announcement was a huge system shock to people. As myself and my team been planning a Tau theme since July. I am sure if we had known this earlier. Myself and my team would had figured out what we wanted to bring instead. Not your fault, that Oregon and Washington had lock downs right when you planned on announcing tickets and the event format. As far as I know, the 40k team format has been 4 person teams for a long while now. I first heard about you guys back in 2012, from some players in Salem. Hope, that we still can have the event this year. I do want to say I am not against this new restriction or format. I think it be better for next year, so people have more time to prepare for it, and also ask about special themes. As I know the 4 demon army with a different mark of chaos was brought up, or my team's theme of the Tau society armies. I rather see fun fluffy teams first and for most. As this event is usually my only big thing I do all year, and probably all the war gaming I get to do for the year.
  12. I am part of Get Of My LAN. While I like the idea here. I feel it's bad timing. With 3 months to go for the team event, and let's not mention with the covid-19 going on. A lot of people have lost jobs or have hours reduced. Along with Gw having closed all locations and the warehouse. This is to soon of a time frame for many people to buy and paint a new army. It also kills a lot of fluffy themes.
  13. That's great to hear. I know where I work, cleaning the Salem Clinic. We have to do extra steps and go through check points for it. So it is something I have to deal with during the week. Especially when patients have been there during the day with it.
  14. I hate to ask, as of this Covid-19 scare. We are still looking to have this event? As I think July should be far enough out.
  15. I will be bring up the prize support from Next Level Gaming with me on Saturday.
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