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Hello! New Player


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Hey team, my name is Alex and I live down in McMinnville. I grew up collecting Warhammer fantasy down in Corvallis area but found pretty much everyone else played 40k. As I moved around for work and school I slowly got rid of my collection much to my current regret. I am now putting together a High Elf force with a color scheme based off the  HE army book from the 4th edition as that was the first Warhammer book I ever got. That book is still with me today and really cemented my love for the hobby.

I really want to play 6th edition games, I havent played a ton and was looking for a group that would be interested in starting with those rules. Hopefully looking to get an active group going down in the Salem area and to play at the game store thats down town.

Glad I found this group!


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